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11 alternative and related products to Not Pot

Not Pot
Beautifully branded CBD gummies delivered every month

Not Pot delivers beautifully-branded, CBD-infused polar bear gummies to your doorstep every month. Their team of PhD scientists designed the supplement with the entire hemp plant, taking advantage of all its healing properties instead of isolating just one component. And no, it won't get you high. 😋

11 Alternatives to Not Pot

Casper's latest product to help you sleep is CBD gummies

We're always dreaming up new ways to help you sleep better, because sometimes it takes more than a great mattress to get there. Enter new CBD Sleep Gummies, the latest step in our quest to bring sound sleep to everyone who needs it.

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That's right: Mattress startup Casper is launching its own version of CBD-infused gummies, created in partnership with edibles company Plus. This is just the latest in Casper's efforts to expand beyond mattresses with the addition of sheets, pillows, dog beds, portable lamps and more. I...
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Casper wants to help you get in the mood to sleep even before you lie down on one of its beds. The mattress startup is launching a new line of gummies to help you catch some Zs with three other letters-CBD.
5 Alternatives to CBD Sleep Gummies by Casper

A community-curated collection of CBD products

Hempeshpere is a largest community-curated collection of finest CBD products. Our goal is to support highest quality, natural, eco-friendly USA farmed CBD products that meet high production standards.

6 Alternatives to Hempesphere

Premium CBD delivered directly to your doorstep

Feals is a new, modern wellness brand delivering thoughtful, hemp-based CBD products designed to keep your head clear and help you feel your best. Our mission is to provide a simple, healthy, better way to feel better.

7 Alternatives to Feals

CBD products for happy pups

At ZenPup, we are passionate about the benefits of CBD & the many ways it can improve the life of your dog. Our mission is to trailblaze the pet marketplace, creating products that enhance your pet’s wellness through high quality, all natural, CBD infused formulas that keep your furry friends happy, healthy & calm.

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David Bozin used to get cuts and scratches on his arms when it came time to bathe his golden retriever, Jax, who rebelled against the prospect of being dunked in water. Then he learned that dogs, like humans, respond to the properties of cannabidiol, also known as CBD, a cannabis compound that helps the body relax without producing intoxicating effects.
If you've ever wanted to (responsibly) treat your dog to the benefits of cannabis, ZenPup has your back. The startup, which launches today, is the newest entry into the intersection of pet ownership and cannabidiol (CBD) use. ZenPup, started by pet owners themselves, aims to "not only look out for our dog's health, but their happiness and well being."
3 Alternatives to Zen Pup

A beautiful bong made for the modern age

From the tapered form and angled mouthpiece, to the way it feels in your hand and the sound it makes when you set it down, this modern designer bong is meant to seamlessly fit into your life and your home.

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Whether it's the garish colors, outbursts of smoke, or something else, bongs carry a stigma that joints don't. The Session Goods Water Pipe deserves respect instead of skepticism. Designed in San Francisco, the pipe, bowl, and downstem are handmade from...
4 Alternatives to Session Goods Bong

Natural nootropic for jitter-free energy with no chemicals

GoBIG is a natural energy shot fueled by guarana, a plant used for centuries by Amazonian tribes. Guarana, a natural nootropic, provides a smoother, longer lasting energy boost accompanied by enhanced focus and mood. Finally, an energy drink without all the chemicals. We'd love to get you a free sample for feedback as we wrap up development.

5 Alternatives to GoBIG

Our Edibles prioritize taste, quality, and consistent dosing for an unparalleled experience. Our vegan Quinoa Granola Bites are packed with protein and a low dose of THC.

Meticulously crafted by our expert food scientist, and always lab tested, these bites combine the finest food ingredients with a low dose of pure THC. Perfect for any activity.

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Cannabis-infused edibles, in theory, represent the oldest, healthiest, and most natural way to consume THC, CBD, and other therapeutic chemical compounds found in the plant. Ironically, however, cannabis is all-too-often the healthiest ingredient. "Eating your weedies" allows the body to process cannabinoids more thoroughly, and with far longer-lasting effec… See more
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Test Results: 10mg THC Tested By: Harrens | Instagram: @3leafedibles Website: 3Leaf Edibles 3Leaf Edibles impressed me the minute I set eyes on their product line. Packaged in a sleek, black jar, each low-dose, bite-sized treat is individually labeled and wrapped in gold foil.
A long hike can be an excellent solution for centering the mind and body. One of my favorite hiking snacks is 3Leaf's Quinoa Granola Bites. Infused with 10 milligrams of THC, each bite is packed with protein from nutritious flax and quinoa, making these delicious treats a perfect low-dose solution for the health conscious.
7 Alternatives to 3Leaf Edibles - Quinoa Granola Bite
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