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The platform to discover & show the best in AR

Nextreality is a way to discover and show off the best in augmented reality.

6 Alternatives to Nextreality

Hand-picked curation of the coolest stuff made with ARKit

Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell-
This is a pretty awesome curated site (and Twitter handle) that posts loads of the latest ARKit projects
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Apple in just a few hours will command the attention of the tech world when it introduces the highly anticipated iPhone X. With a brand new edgeless OLED display, the iPhone X will usher in the most significant design change to the iPhone form factor we've seen in years.
Road to VR
Apple's ARKit has been out for developers since it was announced last month. Because of the mind-boggling number of iPhones and iPads capable of running ARKit, the new tool is already spreading its augmented reality wings across the Internet thanks to a diverse set of developers.
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The front page of the Augmented Reality world 👓

Hi Hunterz 👋We are finally LIVE on Product Hunt 😻A couple words about our new side project. CatchAR is a curated directory and hub where users and developers can share and discover best Augmented Reality apps, campaigns and lenses 👓Our main goal is to help build and grow AR community faster ⚡️

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Buy & sell Instagrammable AR characters

The Dyverse is a blockchain-based marketplace for 3D characters. These characters can be used in AR mode to create videos for Instagram or any other social media. You can also use them in Dyverse-partnered games. If you own a particular character, it belongs to only you and no one else can use or own it.

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Happy New Year, everyone! We hope that 2018 was a year full of happiness and success for you and that 2019 brings you even more joy. 2018 has been a very busy year at VREX Lab. Throughout the year, we hosted several meetups to showcase Kydys and the Dyverse in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seoul, Beijing and Tokyo.
Hello everyone! I am a Kydy, a virtual character that lives in the Dyverse, a universe of virtual content created on the blockchain by VREX LAB. I travel the world using augmented reality and have recently been given the task of taking over reporting duties from Sara at VREX LAB.
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Simple AR Video Cam to make cool video stories

Vxcam is one of the most user friendly AR app on app store.
You can create some amazing hologram videos that stick to real word objects and walk into 3D videos.

Add AR texts , emoji, videos in the environment around you. when done, you can take photos and videos while moving around them and narrating a story.

Rating and price
6 Alternatives to Vxcam
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