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Self-report your mood during COVID-19
Hi everyone, Megan Coyle and I created a simple tool to manage stress, and provide valuable information to researchers.
It works by texting (520) 376-2020 with how you’re feeling that day. You’ll get a response of how many others are feeling the same, and a dashboard to track your mood.
13 Alternatives to Moody

Nomie lets you quickly and privately track your mood, and anything that might affect it (sex, drugs, work, etc).
Nomie 4 is open source under the MIT license and can store data locally, or encrypted in the cloud w/ Blockstack

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When we last spoke during my I quit Nomie podcast, I hadn't fully realized exactly what I needed to quit. So like with most things, I just jumped in and hoped I'd figure it out. I'm happy to report I have, in fact, figured it out.
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In Episode 23 I talk about how Nomie came to be, followed by some new key features in the 4.4.0 release. Nomie is a completely private mood and life tracker - it's kinda sexy and open source under the MIT license. Launch Nomie on this device:
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