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4 alternative and related products to Modal VR

Modal VR

The creator of Atari has launched a new VR company

4 Alternatives to Modal VR

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A Singh
A Singh- Tech obsessed student.
Out of all the headsets I've tried, the Vive has consistently been the best. The headset has excellent quality & the head and controller tracking is outstanding. The ability to move around in the VR experience is probably the best factor for me, while the high quality is in at #2. The only negative I would say is the $1600 (AUD) price tag + the additio… See more
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Design and simulate molecules in VR

Nanome is a free immersive nanoscale laboratory for modern VR headsets. Students, hobbyists, and Drug Designers use Nanome to visualize, edit, and simulate their research in realtime with friends and colleagues across the globe.

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Virtual reality (VR) headsets such as the Oculus Rift will line store shelves this holiday season, and UC San Diego alumni startup Nanome, Inc. plans to capitalize on that by creating VR apps for the consumer market, the classroom, and beyond.
This is a guest blog written by Adam Simon and Jarrell James from Nanome, with illustration by Kendra Black. I'm not a scientist, and neither are most of my friends. But why not? Most of them are plenty smart, have successful careers in something else, and many are even interested in STEM fields.
September 4, 2018 Nanome has launched its virtual reality platform for anybody interested in playing around with molecules, the company said. The platform includes a free tier on the Oculus VR Marketplace. Nanome develops applications for experimentation, collaboration, and learning at the nano-scale by leveraging leading VR hardware like the Oculus Rift and… See more
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Working with TheLeeLab at Cambridge University, we are developing a multi-user VR doorway for anyone to explore, comprehend and share 3D point cloud data.

Imagine walking inside a giant white blood cell or exploring the density changes inside a cancerous tumour. We hope to enable significant breakthroughs in scientific research and beyond.

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