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4 alternative and related products to Mobile App Marketing Playbook

Mobile App Marketing Playbook
Proven tactics to market your mobile app
Zendesk for Startups
Every customer counts when you're a startup.
4 Alternatives to Mobile App Marketing Playbook

immerj is an interactive marketing planning tool designed exclusively for B2B Startups. Get started now and see how it can make your start-up marketing a whole lot easier!

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But it doesn't have to be. In this guide, I'll show you how creating marketing plans can be done in a much simpler way, and I'll give you the two most important things you'll need to get there. We talk about how much the world of marketing has moved on in recent years.
Your buyers want stories. Your colleagues want stories. They both crave colourful imagery to help them visualise your concept and they want to feel it as well as see it. Storytelling is an art that gives us many gifts: Storytellers can make the audience feel joy, sadness, embarrassment, anger, and they can implicitly suggest a course of action or end up chan… See more
Born in the outrageously fluorescent 90s as a blend of the words - you guessed it - "Solo" and "entrepreneur", it's a term that seems almost as fashionable as millennial pink these days. Hold on, is solopreneur even a real word? Aren't entrepreneurs just slapping on a new prefix to highlight their self-sufficiency?
Let's start with a really quick task - go and Google 'content' and 'content strategy' and see what other terms come up as you're typing. It's a lot, right?! You get things like 'content plan', 'content marketing', 'content framework'... the list goes on. And that's because "content" (imagine me doing the finger quote thing!)
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StoreMaven is the leading platform for testing App Store and Google Play marketing assets. The ASO Tool Box by StoreMaven is a free Chrome extension that lets you preview any mobile app, in any country, right from your desktop. You can also download all creative assets of competitor apps with just one click.

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App Store Optimization Stack
In the April 1 - Progressive Web Apps available on iOS ASO Monthly-series by Phiture, we reflect on the previous month and shed a light on trends in app store optimization, algorithm changes, insights in conversion rate optimization and tool updates. April 9 - Q1 2018 Report highlights new records of app store spend to receive the ASO Monthly via email.
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