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6 alternative and related products to ML Dictionary

ML Dictionary
Your daily dose of machine learning and deep learning terms
The ML Dictionary Chrome Extension is comprised of 200+ machine learning and deep learning concepts. From Active Learning, to Zero Shot Learning, you can and gradually sift through hundreds of machine learning concepts per day every time you open a tab.
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6 Alternatives to ML Dictionary

Atlas allows you to run, track & evaluate machine learning experiments on your infrastructure.
Currently used by 700+ data scientists, Atlas helps run experiments concurrently & supports the usage of preemptible/spot instances, saving you up to 8x in GPU cost

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The following article presents an overview of a workflow that uses Spark for data processing, followed by ingesting that data in Atlas jobs to train machine learning models. Using Spark with Atlas gives you a fully-fledged data and machine learning development pipeline.
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TORONTO, June 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --, a leading artificial intelligence startup that deploys customized AI solutions for enterprises, is announcing today two exciting developments for the company's future. To acknowledge the full scope of AI's potential that extends beyond deep learning technologies, the company has rebranded itself to De… See more
Alex Krizhevsky didn't get into the AI business to change the course of history. Krizhevsky, born in Ukraine but raised in Canada, was just looking to delay getting a coding job when he reached out to Geoff Hinton about doing a computer-science PhD program in AI at the University of Toronto.
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