Alternative products to Meekan for Slack

14 alternative and related products to Meekan for Slack

Meekan for Slack
Your Slack team's scheduling robot assistant
14 Alternatives to Meekan for Slack

Turn Slack messages into tickets, issues, tasks, and more.

Actions turn Slack messages into inputs, enabling people to set work in motion and make sure nothing falls through the cracks between Slack and the tools they use for work. Learn more on the Slack Platform blog.

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Your app's users are in Slack all day, coming up with ideas, outlining next steps, and assigning owners for their work. Now with Actions, you can build an easy way for them to take action on Slack conversations - turning messages into tasks, tickets, follow-ups or leads with your app.
22 Alternatives to Actions from Slack

All-in-one Slack app: tasks, standups, polls, surveys & more

Kyber is an all-in-one Slack app that offers:

✅ Task & Project management

👥 Standup meetings

📊 Polls

❓ Surveys

🗣 Message scheduling

📅 Meetings

All inside Slack.

Additionally, with Kyber Templates you can create, customize and configure your own “micro-apps” to handle your specific use cases, with no development required.

Paolo Perazzo
Paolo Perazzo- Building products, enterprise & consumer
We built Kyber out of necessity: we spent quite some time discussing features or bugs on Slack, and then we had to move all that knowledge into an external project management tool to track action items coming out of those conversations. It was very time consuming and inefficient; the context of those decisions was lost and sometimes we even forgot to track t… See more
6 Alternatives to Kyber for Slack

Collaborate with your best customers

Collaborate with your customers the same way you do with your teams.

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Slow email chains or expensive meetings coming between you and your customers and partners? Frame for Slack lets you collaborate with customers in the flexible, easy way you work with your own teams.
Jesse St. Charles, Head of Data at Our mission at is to make it easy to build better relationships with your customers (internal and external) using Slack. As a small team of startup vets, we often need to work quickly and independently, so as Head of Data, I've typically built and configured the services I need myself.
With Frame for Slack, customer-facing teams can collaborate with customers the same way they do with their teams.
5 Alternatives to Frame for Slack

The easiest way to book clients on your website 😊

CozyCal is a friendly scheduling web-app that easily integrates with websites.

With Google calendar integration, email reminders, intake forms and Stripe integration all combined in a simple UI, you can let CozyCal handle scheduling for your business so you can focus on what's most important.

sam- Assistant Principal. Father of twins.
Clean design. Useful integrations.
sam- Assistant Principal. Father of twins.
Clean design. Useful integrations.
Katherine Lu
Katherine Lu- Co-founder of CozyCal
CozyCal is worth a try!
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Indie Hackers
Many indie-hackers here are solopreneurs or partnering with co-founders. The different co-founder combinations you find include brothers, long-time friends and ex-colleagues. But the combination of husband and wife as co-founders seems to be less discussed in the IH community. Sam Altman once said, "Cofounder relationships are among the most important in the… See more
13 Alternatives to CozyCal Scheduling

Use bots to manage tasks, interactions, ideas + execution

Bots (or web robots) are easy to use interactive systems of intelligence that simplify processes, automate tasks, improve productivity, build conversations and drive engagement by seamlessly interfacing with your systems of record (HRMS, CRM etc.) and systems of engagement (@workplace).

6 Alternatives to Kwench Bots

YellowAnt is a Slackbot that allows you to automate processes at work. Using interactive notifications and commands, you can take actions on all your work-related applications right from your Slack window. You can use YellowAnt to create workflows to allow seamless flow of information for a faster, more efficient and transparent work culture!

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Inc42 Media
Founded in 2012 by Rajesh Sawhney, GSF Accelerator has announced the list of startups graduating from its fifth batch. The graduating five startups have also received $65K to $100K as Seed funding, the startups are currently working out of Gurugram and are being mentored.
Your PagerDuty workspace can be very dynamic- new incidents are created and resolved very quickly. If you want to keep the information for some of these incidents long term, you can automate creation...
If you like to stay ahead of bugs at every stage of the product lifecycle, you probably want to see your notifications from Sentry as soon as they occur. Moreover, you probably use a task management app like Jira and Asana to keep a track of these occurrences.
As a DevOps engineer, you have to keep track of several tasks while collaborating with your team. With YellowAnt's powerful Jenkins integrations, you can use commands, actions and notifications for...
We have already shown you how YellowAnt can facilitate commands, actions and notifications for Azure DevOps on Slack and Microsoft Teams. This article will explore the power of ChatOps 2.0 with YellowAnt. YellowAnt's workflows automate sending information from one app to another.
4 Alternatives to YellowAnt - ChatOps 2.0 for Slack
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