Alternative products to MANGOPAY

10 alternative and related products to MANGOPAY

End-to-end technology for marketplaces and crowdfunding
10 Alternatives to MANGOPAY

Accept bank payments with a few lines of code.

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One Design Company
When we started out, we expected integrating ACH (automated clearing house, or electronic funds transfer) payments into a web app to be relatively straightforward. Stripe provides great documentation to guide you through the process. It seems easy enough to request a user's bank info, wait for a couple of micro-deposits, confirm those deposits, and then issu… See more
17 Alternatives to ACH payments with Stripe

Payment integration and management.

The new standard in online payments

Stripe is the best software platform for running an internet business. We handle billions of dollars every year for forward-thinking businesses around the world.

Deborah Kay
Deborah Kay- Chatbot Evangelist, Discovery Enthusiast
Enabling Stripe and Apple Pay boosted our ecommerce conversion rates by 600%
Rishi Athanikar
Rishi Athanikar- Product Manager. Cofounder of Beander.
Perhaps the best SaaS product out there for accepting payments (and so much more)
James Villarrubia
James Villarrubia- Co-Founder of Mt. Cleverest
Solid API. Solid performance. Connects to everything. Libraries are free and easy.
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Stripe, the payments powerhouse that is now valued at $22.5 billion, has made an acquisition to help it gear up for new regulations in Europe that will be rolled out later this year to improve security in online transactions. It has acquired Touchtech Payments, a startup out of Ireland that works w...
22 Alternatives to Stripe

Get paid on-time and recover the processing fee

BizPayO lets professionals accept credit card and ACH payments online while recovering the processing fees. Send custom proposals or just a personal payment link. Lets you lock-in payment information up front without the escrow. Get paid on-time, every time.

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There is a growing problem today for small to medium sized businesses like yours that you may not be fully aware of. You are working with a cash flow model that is literally leaving money on the table. Your business is not cash flow optimized for getting you paid on-time, on your terms and without hidden fees.
Payments platform BizPayO is launching an online cash flow tool it says will help small and medium-size business owners tackle what amounts to a $3 trillion late-payment problem annually that undermines operations. The Cash Flow Optimization Platform allows business owners to take payments online, building in "milestone" events in a project proposal as a way… See more
6 Alternatives to BizPayO

We simplify access to online payment.

Payfacile is a one-stop payment solution for non-coders.

Accept one-off and recurring payments from your emails, from your website, or build your own e-commerce website without a single line of code.

Payfacile automates billing and notifications, lets you manage subscribers easily, allows you to sell digital files, and integrates with many apps

5 Alternatives to Payfacile
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