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Lottie by Airbnb alternatives and competitors

Lottie is an iOS, Android, and React Native library that renders After Effects animations in real time, allowing apps to use animations as easily as they use static images.

Top alternatives for Lottie by Airbnb

Put SOC 2 compliance on autopilot
  • Haiku Animator

    Haiku Animator (formerly Haiku for Mac) lets you:
    • Animate for any iOS, Android, or Web codebase
    • Create Lottie files without After Effects
    • Finesse animations with Animator's powerful timeline
    • Use Figma, Sketch, or Illustrator to sync design assets

    awesome job so far!

  • Colorbox by Lyft

    Colorbox is a tool to produce color sets open-sourced by Lyft's design team 🎨

    Well, if you are a noob in graphic designing, this platform helps you avoid choosing ugly color combinations. :D

  • Digital Behavioral Design

    Human behavior is programmable. You just need to know the code. Here we introduce Behavioral Design: a design framework for programming human behavior.

    In this book we focus on a particular area of behavior design: Habits. How they work and how your product can use Behavioral Design to become a daily habit for your users.

  • App Animations

    Gallery of beautiful iOS animations to inspire your next app
  • Marionette Studio

    Marionette Studio is an online animation software for beginners and professionals. Animate 2D characters and environments in minutes with no prior skills.

    Powerful features:

    - Advanced animation curves

    - Natural deformations

    - Weight painting

    - Automatic weight calculation

    - High fidelity auto-meshing

    - Inverse kinematics

    Sometimes a complex tool will make the job harder. Marionnette Studio is just enough, unless you have a complicated game or intricate graphi…

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  • Creattie

    5.0★10 reviews
    Free options
    The world's first premium Lottie library. Customize and download curated Lottie animations, as well as other vector artworks in a few clicks.
    Amazing library with top notch designs
  • Airbnb Cereal

    Airbnb launched a new typeface called Airbnb Cereal across its product and brand. Airbnb Cereal was created in partnership with Dalton Maag—a global font foundry—and Airbnb’s Marketing and Experience Design teams.

    It's a font. No lownload

  • Readinglist.design

    Some of industry's best designers answer the question 'What book should designers read and why?'

    Great to see what experienced designers recommend to read, and importantly, why!

  • Micro Animations

    Ready-made animated gifs you can use in your prototypes
  • Another Lens

    Designed by Airbnb and News Deeply, Another Lens is a research tool for conscientious creatives, posing a set of questions to help you balance your bias, consider the opposite, and embrace a growth mindset.

    Will apply it to my daily work.

  • Animation Desk

    Animation Desk offers an intuitive interface, a wide range of art sets, and supports various export options. Events and contests are hosted in the app. Animators of all levels are welcomed not only to create but also to showcase their creative works.
  • LottieFiles Desktop App for Mac

    With the LottieFiles Desktop App for Mac, you can test your Lottie animations for both web and iOS mobile applications without even opening your browser or whipping out your phone.
  • LottieFiles Embed

    You can now embed your favorite Lottie animations on Notion, Medium, Ghost, and more - it's as easy as copy and paste.
    Browse lottiefiles.com/featured today to find amazing Lottie animations and embed them right away!
    Have a question? Ask the Makers
  • LottieFiles for After Effects

    LottieFiles for Adobe After Effects is a plugin that renders Lottie animations in real time from within After Effects, allowing for a more supercharged Lottie workflow for designers.
  • LottieFiles Mobile App

    Test Lottie animations for mobile from the LottieFiles website, After Effects, or Adobe Animate plugins. Easily send animations as Lottie, GIF, or MP4 to your stakeholders. Access 1000s of Lottie animations anytime, anywhere, while on the go. And much more!
  • Lottie in 3D by Vectary

    ✨ Add Lottie and gif animations to 3D products, UI designs and mockups
    ✨ Create impressive no-code 3D web elements
    ✨ Free online 3D design platform since 2016
    Underrated!!! Congratulations!
  • Readymag Animations

    Make your projects even more engaging and interactive

    I have made more the 300 projects on Readymag, this is the best tool for a person like me! I've made a designs, small websites, prototypes a…

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  • Airbnb Restaurants

    A great meal shared with friends, old or new, can make a trip special. You can book a table at nearly 650 restaurants across the United States directly through Airbnb, powered by Resy.

  • Scrollex

    Scrollex is a react library built on top of framer-motion that makes it super simple to build elaborate scroll experiences. Scrollex lets you add scroll keyframes to elements defining the scale/translation/rotation/etc for each scroll position.