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LaunchNotes alternatives and competitors

12 reviews
LaunchNotes delivers exceptional customer experiences by keeping internal teams and external users ahead of upcoming product changes. It provides the right updates to the right people at the right time so that no one is ever surprised by any product change.

Top alternatives for LaunchNotes

HIPAA Compliance by Secureframe
Easy HIPAA compliance backed by a team of compliance experts
  • Roadmap 2.0

    Product management tools for innovative teams
  • Suggested.co

    1 review

    Suggested (formerly Makerkit) helps companies collected feature requests from their customers.

    We also provide a product roadmap, and changelog.

    Makerkit is a good alternative to Uservoice or Get Satisfaction.

  • Changefeed v2

    For the past six months we worked on making Changefeed better based on your feedback. Today we’re excited to announce:
    - Custom domains 🗺
    - Embeddable widget 🚨
    - Newsletter support 📧
    - Zapier integration 🔀
    - Public API access 💻
    - Improved design ✨
  • Beamer

    Keep your users in the know with an easy to use notification center and changelog. Announce important news, latest products, special offers and more.

    When I saw Beamer on AppSumo a while back, it was an insta-purchase. One of those no brainer, shut-up-and-take-my-money products that solved…

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  • AnnounceKit

    1 review
    AnnounceKit is a newsfeed with eye-catching widgets. Best way announce product updates, release notes, changelog or whatever you call it.
    It is powered with email notifications, user feedback, and analytics. Users segmentation is on the way... 🚀

    I just started using AnnounceKit on http://thoughttrain.cc (you can see it in the lead banner) I'm using it to tell Hunters about a coupon …

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  • Barelog

    1 review
    Simple way to create a changelog for your product

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  • Axios HQ

    Axios HQ is a simple writing tool — perfected by Axios writers and machine learning — that helps you write with clarity and efficiency. Rooted in years of research, Axios HQ helps you send clear, more effective internal comms.