Alternative products to iZooto Web Push Notifications

15 alternative and related products to iZooto Web Push Notifications

iZooto Web Push Notifications
Marketing automation using web push notifications

iZooto is an audience re-engagement tool that drives higher conversions, order fulfillments, and user callback exponentially. Say goodbye to cart drops and leaks with iZooto

• Segment users by interest, clickstream, and behavior

• Automatically send notifications when your users are most likely to engage with them

• Add banner images, emojis, CTAs

15 Alternatives to iZooto Web Push Notifications

feature rich, high volume notifications with deep analytics

TruePush is a free forever push notification tool, all features free forever for web, android and IOS.

These are some of the features that can be seen when you are using Truepush for your daily push notification need - We build easy to use dashboards, sending notification to RSS feeds automatically, segmentation, triggers and apis.

Ravi Vaka
Ravi Vaka- Product Guy
Great Pick! Truepush is free forever service as per what their website says and claim that they will remain free forever. Installed the code and seems to work fine. I liked the features they are offering, cross-platform, segmentation, multi language support etc
8 Alternatives to TruePush - free push notifications

Notification system for your web app in less than a minute

You can use Notific to implement a full notification system (presentation & delivery) for your web app in less than 60 seconds.

- Full notification center UI/UX

- Embed with just one line of code

- Send public notifications to all your users

- Send private notifications to authenticated users

- Send email notifications

Sungho Yahng
Sungho Yahng- LearnObit
Notification feature
9 Alternatives to

Send Push Notifications from any website to mobile devices

🔔With PushPro you can send powerful Push Notifications from any existing website, reaching all your visitors directly on their Mobile Device! 🔔 No native app needed, no coding needed, just a 5 minute installation. 🎁Try it today for Free! 🎁

Around the web
Example of using PushPro
No native app needed anymore, straight from your website, amazing opportunities for user engagement, no complex sign-up processes like email newsletters; just purely getting your message direct to the mobile devices of your audience, anytime and anywhere. See PushPro in live!
6 Alternatives to PushPro

A better way to notify users on web apps.

How do you notify your users about things require their attention and ensure that it gets read?

Engagespot is the easiest way to notify your users via

* In-Site realtime notifications - If they're online

* Native push - If they're away

* Notification Centre - If they missed both of the above, they'll see your notifications inside the web app.

Mikail Gurbuz
Mikail Gurbuz- Founder @AwayTake
Practical way to implement push notifications to your website. I loved the idea and implementation, will use it in my projects.
8 Alternatives to Engagespot

Re-engage website visitors with push notifications

PushOwl is a push notification platform for e-commerce stores. Currently focussing on e-commerce stores built on Shopify. The platform comes with in built automations for abandoned cart recovery, shipping alerts, back in stock, price drop and more. Moreover you can connect, PushOwl to third party apps and extend the use of push notifications.

15 Alternatives to PushOwl

Boost Engagement With Smart Push Notifications.

OneSignal is a high volume and reliable push notification service for websites and mobile applications. We support all major native and mobile platforms by providing dedicated SDKs for each platform, a RESTful server API, and an online dashboard for marketers to design and send push notifications.

Vladimir Vladimirov
Vladimir Vladimirov- iOS Developer @ Product Hunt
At Product Hunt we've switched to OneSignal after Parse had shut down. I really like cross-platform support (Safari, Chrome, iOS, MacOS).
Justin George
Justin George- PaperOak
simple setup and dashboard. Works as expected and free service
Randy Ellis
Randy Ellis- 5ivehat Founder | Instructor @GA_Chicago
Around the web
Push notifications are one of the main ways we connect with our apps - but according to OneSignal CEO George Deglin, most of the tools for managing those notifications are too expensive without offering the features that developers need. Deglin's company started out as a Y Combinator-backed mobile developer called Hiptic Games.
Siftery uses OneSignal to interactive video notifications to their iOS subscribers to tell them about the latest news. Users can watch a video and read a summary of the story without ever needing to launch the app itself.
9 Alternatives to OneSignal

Rethink remarketing with relevant product reminders

Web Push Notifications are a straightforward and effective way for brands to deliver relevant product reminders to shoppers who have previously browsed their website.

Personal, timely, visually engaging and uniquely commercially-focussed, Web Push Notifications are the perfect way to keep products front of mind.

Around the web
In the wake of GDPR, marketers were uncertain about whether remarketing, used to re-engage visitors and increase conversions, would continue to be an effective marketing strategy. A few months on, has email remarketing survived and how can adding channels such as push notifications boost results?
5 Alternatives to Web Push Notifications
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