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19 alternative and related products to Indie Hackers

Indie Hackers
Learn how developers are writing their own paychecks

Indie Hackers is a place where the founders of profitable businesses and side projects can share their stories transparently, and where entrepreneurs can come to read and learn from those examples. Browse over 200 interviews with founders who've revealed their revenue stats and behind-the-scenes strategies.

19 Alternatives to Indie Hackers

Anne-Laure Le Cunff
Anne-Laure Le Cunff- Entrepreneur
If you're looking for inspiration, Case Study Club offers lots of them about UI and UX too.
Vinish Garg
Vinish Garg- Co-founder @OutcomeConf @ContentHug
For any design agency, it is very important to show how they are doing great work for their clients. So when you plan to pitch to bigger clients (as part of your growth strategy), you can prepare case studies as references. Pawel of wrote a wonderful post on writing winning case studies, check out:
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A curated list of +160 books recommended by Indie Hackers

IHBOOKS is a curated list of books, recommended by Indie Hackers.

12 categories, 168 books (the list is growing) to let you launch and grow your side project or startup.

Each book has:

- his own detail page that displays the source of the book suggestion

- redirection links (without affiliation) to Amazon and Blinkist to get the book

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Community's #1 news source for all things indie maker 👨‍🎤

⛵ Makers Up is currently the fastest growing news source in the indie maker community. Dubbed as a TechCrunch for makers, Makers Up keeps you up-to-date on your favorite makers, products & events 24/7.

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Google Docs
Welcome to Makers Up's sponsors / advertiser / promoter FAQ section! You have reached here either through our homepage, Twitter, our press releases, or from Buy Me a Coffee. What are makers up to? Get your updates and reviews on indie makers and products. Follow us on Twitter (@makersup), cu...
Maker Mag
Zachary Sy was eight years old when he first registered for Facebook. He was fascinated about how he could talk to his friends and play games with them even if they lived far apart.
We take a moment to talk about the rising makers' news source, Makers Up.
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Community of makers discovering happiness 😌

Mindful Makers is a community of makers, creators, and founders who track mental and physical health, encourage each other to improve habits, and share ideas to live happier and healthier lives.

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Indie Hackers
Hi there! My name is Joshua Voydik, and I created Mindful Makers - a community for makers, creators, and founders to track mental and physical health using a bot, to connect with awesome people, and learn from each other to become happier and healthier.
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Indiemaker and bootstrapped startup news

Maker Weekly is "Indiemaker and bootstrapped startup news"

Maker Weekly delivers content beyond “What’s launched in indie world this week?” & “What’s this maker shipping next?”

We do a deep dive on the maker phenomenon, the trends, motivations & tools of modern indiemakers.

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What is Maker Weekly? Well, I guess this Tweet is what started it all: See more
Maker Weekly is here to deliver content beyond "What's launched in indie world this week?" And "What's this maker shipping next?". We are going below the surface of the maker phenomenon and into the trends, movtivations and tools of the modern indiemakers. Watch this space
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Knowledge aggregator for developers

Web is already full of knowledge. The problem is, not everything fits your experience. Learney helps you filter out everything that is either too basic, too advanced, or just not relevant to your needs.

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Every founder of every new public initiative or project at some point needs to answer this one question. Question about conquering the world. People ask me "How does Learney want to compete with Twitter, Medium, HackerNews or Facebook groups where we already look for knowledge?"
Only ten days passed since Learney has launched and tons of amazing things already happened. Let me share this short update with you to summarize everything and explain what's on the roadmap for incoming weeks.
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Discover your next favorite thing

Product Hunt surfaces the best new products, every day. It's a place for product-loving enthusiasts to share and geek out about the latest mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and tech creations.