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Nick Abouzeid- Words at Product Hunt ✌️
Danielle and the rest of the Mattermark team never cease to amaze - you can't beat the amount and quality of data that they're putting together!
Ben Tossell- newCo
There is such thing as Mattermark score which take into account a lot of things. Worth checking out
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What’s the best place to find investors for your startup?

Ayrton De CraeneCode @ Product Hunt
AngelList - Invest in startups online
"Only really good if you have great traction behind you, or you are "somebody" (i.e. founded something else big and exited, or know one of t… See more
Gust - Global platform for the sourcing of early-stage investments
"While this has been around for a long time and AngelList fixes many of Gust's issues it's still used as an 'application process' by a bunch… See more - The world's largest Startup Launch Platform
" is a good place to find investors as its a huge network of people in the startup industry. Alternatively, you can cold reach ou… See more
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