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HTML to Wordpress alternatives and competitors

Top HTML to Wordpress alternatives
The platform to replace your homegrown importer
  • Pinegrow WP

    Convert static HTML websites to WordPress themes.
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  • Rank Math PRO is the world’s leading WordPress SEO plugin trusted by industry-leading marketers. It’s about time you ditch the confusion of needing (and having to pay for) dozens of extra add-ons. Keep it simple with Rank Math.
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    TERRIBLE customer support. Unless you know how to troubleshoot your own issues, and there will definitely be issues, I cannot recommend you …See more
  • Elementor now offers never-before-seen flexibility to visually design your entire website (header, footer, 404, search results, single & archive pages).

    Build anything you can imagine without restrictions, it's easy, requires no coding and works on any theme.


    Website Builder

    Theme Builder

    Mobile Editing

    Menu Widget

    Form Builder

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    We're using Elementor with the Astra Pro theme to build a new version of www.tillerhq.com launching in June. We tested dozens of approaches …

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  • Beaver Builder

    A drag and drop design system for WordPress
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  • CanvasJS Charts is an HTML5 Charting library that runs across devices and browsers and has 10x Performance Compared to traditional SVG charting Libraries. This allows you to create rich dashboards that work across devices without compromising on maintainability or functionality of your web application.

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    Have used this for a couple of projects in the past. They have an amazing support system to help you. Good luck guys.

  • HTML/CSS to Image is a super simple HTTP API for converting your html into an image. It supports emoji, gradients, drop shadows + custom fonts. Give it a try for auto generating images from your code.

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  • Local is the #1 free, local WordPress development tool, now with the ability to push to Flywheel and WP Engine. We make it super simple to spin up a local WordPress site, develop it, share it, and take it live. Available for Mac, Windows and Linux.
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  • Finally, a WordPress plugin to help you put your media files into folders by drag and drop.

    FileBird creates virtual folders to contain your WordPress media library while keeping your files intact.

    FREE DOWNLOAD: https://wordpress.org/plugins/filebird/

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    If you have a WordPress site have many files in media, you need this product to manage it.

  • The most advanced drag & drop WordPress website builder with a cloud marketplace for page templates. Build sites of any complexity without coding. Made for beginners & design experts. All new Website Style Filters instantly switch up your site's branding.
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  • With an intuitive header builder, 100+ pre-designed sites, a LOT of WooCoomerce modules, global colors & a way to share saved templates across sites, Neve is a great choice for beginners & freelancers/agency owners alike.
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  • Gravity Flow turns email and spreadsheet chaos

    into secure, scalable and efficient workflow systems.

    Built for WordPress & Gravity Forms.

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    We've been using it for building small flow , up to a big project for Certification process management

  • Stacks

    Stacks is a marketplace of systems, each system is a package of WordPress theme & Mobile Application connected together and managed from the same administration area.

    With Stacks you can now have a package of integrated mobile application and WordPress Theme for just $27/month

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  • Udesly Adapter

    The Adapter is the first app to create WordPress and Shopify themes completely in Webflow with pixel accuracy, without writing a single line of code.
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  • HTML Prank

    Change the content of any website using HTMLPrank.
    I usually use it for web development purpose,to check how my site will look by changing text present in my site.
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  • ClassicPress is a hard fork of WordPress 4.9.8 without Gutenberg. Our goal is to focus on providing a content management system that ticks all the boxes for business users, including plugin and them developers.

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    Bright future ahead!

  • Byepass for Wordpress

    Login to Wordpress without a password.

    Byepass for Wordpress is a free Wordpress plugin that enables passwordless logins using Byepass.

    You simply login with your email address and click a magic link that gets emailed to you and Hey Presto, you are in!

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  • BlogVault

    WordPress backups, auto & test restore, migrations & more!
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  • WordPress Gutenberg News is a curated list of WordPress Gutenberg tutorials, code snippets, and resources for users and developers.

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