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21 Alternatives to Highly Reco

Crowdsourcing wisdom through book recommendations 📚

ShelfTaught is for sharing books in your areas of interest, being recognized for your expertise, and connecting with others.

It's for finding books and people in niches you want to learn about; powered by expert rank, not popularity (see maker's comment).

What are the best books to learn about B2B, or sales or B2B & sales? Ask ShelfTaught

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A tribute to Seth Godin's book recommendations

This is Broken is my tribute to Seth Godin's Book Recommendations - a fully searchable and categorised list of books that Seth has recommended through his blog, old Squidoo blog posts, his many interviews and the deepest corners of the internet.

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Leonard Nimoy created one of our culture's singular fictional characters. Gene Roddenberry gave him the opportunity, but it was Nimoy who developed Spock. A key moment came in one of the first episodes. Everyone on the bridge was freaking out...
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Book summaries for the whole company via email

Books At Work sends 20 minute non-fiction book summaries to all the employees in your company via email each week. Your employees who don't get time to read books can make use of these summaries to develop themselves. Hopefully, a company that uses will become smarter each day.

Zaheer Baloch
Zaheer Baloch- Maker of
Website I made so that company founders and executive can help their employees grow by reading books.
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Stumble upon an award winning book on a new tab

Kaushik Thirthappa
Kaushik Thirthappa
Maker here. I have discovered a number of books from this - Empire of Cotton, Greek Science in Antiquity, Africa's World War are some examples. Also, i was bored of new tab extensions i have used i the past like Panda (highly recommend, if you have not used it yet).
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