Alternative products to HeyTaco! 2

8 alternative and related products to HeyTaco! 2

HeyTaco! 2
Bring your team together with our unique kindness currency.
8 Alternatives to HeyTaco! 2

Celebrate team wins in Slack

Ben Terry
Ben Terry- Partner, Access Ventures
We've been using this slack integration and love it! We created a channel dedicated for celebrating people on our team.
Sandi MacPherson
Sandi MacPherson- Editor-in-Chief, Quibb
this is one of my favs, the copy is really cute and funny too
7 Alternatives to Growbot for Slack

Free bot for tracking performance in chats

Free bot for Telegram for tracking performance in chats. Karma encourages to work better, deliver faster, it improves performance and maximises efficiency. Available for Slack, MS Teams and Telegram.

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Здесь в...
Здесь в Окленде, после неплохих отзывов на, мы сделали Karmabot для Telegram. Как он устроен, и какой сценарий он решает: Группа товарищей общается по работе в одном (или нескольких телеграм-чатах), и порой хочется похвалить (или наказать) коллег - кинуть + в карму или заминусовать.
Spurred on by the success of Karmabot for Slack and Microsoft Teams, we decided to try something different, so we launched Karmabot for Telegram. Telegram has been one of the pioneering messaging platforms for bots. It's bot API has been around since July 2015.
9 Alternatives to Karmabot for Telegram

Create a high performing team culture right from Slack

Teambit for Slack a new integration that helps you to understand, develop and retain your team by making feedback a daily habit. This way everyone can feel heard, recognized and clear about what to improve. You can get instant notifications about new feedback, praise, requests, surveys and reviews and react to them right from Slack. On top of that you can ensure that everyone is frictionlessly onboarded, as well as send and request feedback from your teammates.

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What's your biggest mistake? I ask this question myself a lot. I genuinely love doing retrospectives. I do one every day. On top of that I also do weekly retros, and monthly ones, and quarterly ones, and sure thing I do my annual retro sometime in late December. You get the point.
11 Alternatives to Teambit for Slack

A simple way to manage your Telegram channels 📢

Managing the channels on Telegram — Telepult

Service for channel administrators with a user-friendly interface.

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История о дизайнере и разработчике, которые решили запускать стартапы без инвестиций. Мы сделали много клиентских проектов и мечтали разрабатывать что-то для себя, чтобы применить весь опыт и стать независимыми. Сначала запустили фриланс-биржу внутри бота, а через пол года - сервис для управления каналами в Телеграме. Решили следовать принципу - делать проду… See more
9 Alternatives to Telepult
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