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Hemingway Editor 3.0 alternatives and competitors

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Hemingway Editor 3.0 is a tool which will make your writing one of a kind! It will not only check your grammar, but it will enrich your text, format it and make it ready to share with the world! You can upload directly to Medium and WordPress or you can make it to any web page by exporting to HTML.

Top Hemingway Editor 3.0 alternatives
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  • Boomerang Respondable

    Write perfect emails with Artificial Intelligence
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  • Three years under development, 24 repos, 500 merged PRs. Editor.js is here.
    A block-styled editor for rich media stories. It outputs clean data in JSON instead of heavy HTML markup. Designed to be API extendable and pluggable.
    Free and open-source 🀩
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    Would be interesting to see the comparison to other products like ProseMirror.

  • Expresso

    A little tool to improve your writing
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  • Grammarly solves all of your typo problems in a second.

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    It has saved me on multiple occasions from making a fool of myself.

  • Writefull for Chrome

    Writing with confidence
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  • Typely

    Typely is a sensitive, unobtrusive and reliable tool for any writer, newspaper editor, teacher, blogger or student. At its core, a linter for text, a computer program that, like a spell checker, scans through a document and analyzes it.

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  • Boost Editor uses AI to analyze your writing for the five base emotions: joy, sadness, anger, anxiety and disgust. After you know what emotions your writing elicits naturally, the Boost Editor will suggest word changes to optimize your writing to elicit the emotion of your choice.

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    Very good for emails, headlines, subject lines. Will need some expansions to edit longer my blog posts.

  • For anyone creating content on a regular basis, Frase helps you research faster so you can focus on creativity. A tool to optimise your content for search engines based on topics, popular questions and more.
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    I've been using the product for a couple months and really love the tool. It's a Swiss army knife that can be used for content creation, cur…

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  • Telescope is a writing and publishing platform. It offers a beautiful and minimal text editor, it doesn't ask your personal details, it features a bunch of cool content distribution mechanisms, and fast and nice-looking content pages.
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  • Analyze My Writing

    Text content and readability analyzer
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  • Over 25 million people have found their personal creative space in Paperβ€”handwriting notes, drafting, diagramming, sketching, and giving form to their vision. Paper 4.0 is a completely rewritten app that resurrects the journals for an immersive space that supports all iOS devices and orientations and brings new tools, templates, and covers.

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    so far so good

  • Unicorn Platform β€” the landing page builder for SaaS β€” presents its blogging tool. Creating a blog is now as easy as clicking a button.
    Create a blog today and start getting constant traffic from search engines tomorrow ( ᡘ α΅• ᡘ ⁎)
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  • Ottomate suggests words to complete your sentences as you type, whatever app you're typing in. Hit the Tab key to accept a suggestion. Suggestions become more frequent and relevant over time. All local! We do not send anything you type outside your computer.
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  • An AI-powered, personalized coverletter coach that gives you actionable suggestions and advice on how to improve your writing to get you the job you've always wanted.

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    A fantastic project. Great use of NLP techniques! I guess, this may be a good starting point for a larger project.

  • Fix your writing on millions of websites, improve your writing skills based on own mistakes, expand vocabulary with word definitions. Intelligent shortcuts speed up your writing by up to 90%.
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    I've just started using it, and so far the tool looks interesting. I like its speed, and it highlights real errors (I've tried some checkers…

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  • WP Medium Editor

    WP Medium Editor is a minimalist post editor for WordPress.

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  • Writeby

    Writeby is a blogging platform made for writers.
    βœ… Simple & free
    βœ… Write without distraction
    βœ… Markdown support
    βœ… No paywall ever
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  • Paper

    1 review
    β€œThis is a super-clean writing space with a lot of configurability that stays out of sight when you don’t need it.”
    App Store Review,
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  • Ulysses 18

    A pleasant, focused writing experience combined with effective document management, fast syncing and flexible export make Ulysses the first choice for writers of all kinds.
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  • Introducing Frost 3.0 - Word's first mood-inducing text editor.
    Frost is the first-of-its-kind writing platform which lets you write in a completely distraction-free environment while listening to the music of your choice.
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