Alternative products to Great F*cking Startup Advice

14 alternative and related products to Great F*cking Startup Advice

Great F*cking Startup Advice
Strongly worded suggestions for startup founders
14 Alternatives to Great F*cking Startup Advice

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First Search is the largest database of curated, high-quality advice for building startups ever created. We've vetted, tagged and organized 10,000+ articles about every facet of company-building, written by the best minds in tech, so that you can find the information you need right when you need it.

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About four years ago, we started First Round Review with the goal of liberating knowledge about how great companies get built. We've done our best to get extremely tactical advice out of the heads of talented operators and onto the web. And in that time, we've seen a couple trends.
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Connect with the right people

Olmo makes personalized introductions between people.
Say what’s top of mind to be connected to others who have the right experience and are interested in helping.
Olmo is all about building relationships and networking through authentic conversations.

Gustad Mody
Gustad Mody
I like Olmo because it it's not a "daily" productivity app. The apps help you productivity where you have all the input... but what about when you need outside assistance? With Olmo, I was able to get connected to somebody in a tech world that has experienced doing a task I was nervous on how to approach.
Gustad Mody
Gustad Mody
Olmo will hand pick people in the industries or experience to answer the questions you have. Its free.
Saurav Pandit
Saurav Pandit- Building new things
Great landing page! I didn't design it. But I can say it is the most beautifully designed app I have ever worked on.
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should-i-cli came about when I was sitting in math class and wondering if I should ride my bike to work that day. Not really wanting to work on math, I decided to create a silly little CLI app that would answer any and all "yes" or "no" questions I had.

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Launched 🚀 yet another side project and CLI tool today: should-i-cli 🤔 Already made its project site, too:
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