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6 alternative and related products to Grain

Record & share the best parts of your Zoom video calls
Our days were once meetings. Now... video calls.

Video calls do have one major advantage: the conversation can be recorded automatically.

With Grain, capture the moments that matter & turn them into video highlights you can share anywhere.
6 Alternatives to Grain

Traditional calls and meetings monopolize your time and require endless scheduling. Yac is personal, asynchronous communication built for remote teams.

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When researchers at Yahoo Labs wanted to learn more about how young people use video chat, they asked 16 teenagers in the greater San Francisco Bay Area to keep a diary for two weeks. The subjects liked to multitask, cleaning their rooms and scrolling through social media, while talking with friends.
With distributed workforces all the rage in the tech community these days, startups are trying to build new tools to keep those teams connected and communicating in the ways that make folks most comfortable. One of these companies is the Orlando, Fla.-based startup, Yac, which just raised $1.5 mill...
9 Alternatives to Yac Meeting Assistant is the faster & smarter way to schedule meetings. Designed with recruiters & sales teams in mind, books your meetings, sends you automatic briefings, and lives in your go-to work platforms like Microsoft Teams and Slack.

Kailah Bharath
Kailah Bharath
It's an AI-meeting assistant that books your meetings, sends you daily schedule snapshots, and can pull up people insights in seconds (if you've ever been in a situation where you're blanking on who you're about to meet with - then this is gold!). It can also live in your email or Slack account, so it helps you fight app fatigue by no longer needing to switc… See more
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Mio | Dispatch
Ready to take your productivity and collaboration tools to the next level? If you use Cisco Webex Teams and are looking for ways to enhance the experience, that's where the top 35 Webex Teams integrations, bots, and apps come in. We've collated the best Webex Teams integrations and sorted them by app type.
In today's competitive marketplace, your ability to create a seamless interview experience can make or break your hiring goals. In reality, the way you schedule interviews, what hiring software you use, and how prepared you are for each meeting all say a lot about your company. Top candidates expect high-quality interviews.
12 Alternatives to Meeting Assistant

Hearshot allows you to communicate more efficiently

You’ll be able to send a voice message directly to your friends, which will be automatically played on their phone.

Whether the app is in the background, not even launched or your phone is locked, the hearshot will be delivered and played.

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10 Alternatives to hearshot

TAGX allows you to create video highlights and annotate the interesting parts of a video. Using a simple tagging interface, you can create tags and share them anywhere. Conference videos, tutorials or sport highlights, possibilities are endless!

6 Alternatives to TAGX
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