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GoLinks alternatives and competitors

2 reviews

GoLinks enables your employees to get to frequently used websites faster by replacing long URLs with easy-to-remember go links. Go links belong to you and your organization. Those without access rights cannot view or use them.

Top alternatives for GoLinks

Jotform Apps
Create powerful apps with no code
  • Linktree

    Linktree is the market-leading linking platform that was the first of its kind. With a user base of 14M+, Linktree helps brands, influencers, small businesses, activists and everyday creators carve out their place online and monetize via Commerce Links.

    It looks like a whole bunch of people are copying linktree and doing a bad job at it. Linktree keep to the simplicity of creating a group of…

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  • linkmoji

    1 review
    The emoji URL shortener (🍕💩.ws)

    linkmoji is a great tool help you turn your URL to funny and cool Emoji icons and faces. I have tried it right now and found it cools :) Her…

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  • Zero Width Shortener

    2 reviews
    Zero Width Shortener (abbreviated as ZWS) is a URL shortener that shortens URLs using spaces that have zero width, making them invisible to humans.
  • WeTransfer.com

    WeTransfer.com is a platform for sharing files. It uses drag and drop interface, so you can drag your files to upload them and after that to share them with whom you need to. If you need to go over 2GB, you have to get WeTransfer Plus and it unlocks even more cool features and security for your files!

  • Piar.io

    3 reviews
    Optimize link preview for any social networks and messengers. Use A/B tests and a get full statistic report.

    Upload your image → Enter a title and description → Get a new link with a beautiful preview → Receive insights about who are clicking and when
  • LinksUp 2.0

    6 reviews
    Free options
    Create a mobile storefront for your Instagram, TikTok & other social media & monetize your audience through video calls, livestreams, digital products & more without worrying about payments, delivery, scheduling or invoicing.
  • BioLinky

    2 reviews
    BioLinky, a free tool to add all your links in one place, and have one url to share. It's not a new concept, but our version has all the 'pro' features for free, such as built-in analytics, link thumbnails, social media sharing etc.. Also, It has killer SEO.
  • New Bitly

    1 review
    Now it’s even simpler to create links that get more clicks
  • Manylink

    1 review

    Stop worrying in situations where you can only share one link. Your Manylink profile displays a curation of URLs that you wish to showcase to your audience, and even allows you to receive business enquiry emails. This makes it easier to track clicks and optimise your link traffic.

  • RevealURL

    RevealURL - Find the safety of any short-URL.
  • Dope.Link

    Free options
    Are you tired of sharing unreadable or boring links to others? Now you don't have to.
    Introducing Dope.Link. A powerful, simple, all-in-one link and bio-page creation tool that puts your content in front of people to maximize engagement and sales.
  • Adorable Link

    1 review
    Payment required
    Emojis are everywhere, except in links. In fact, we solved that. Get you emoji-enabled link safe and fast. Options are infinite, your imagination is the limit. Use you adorable.link in shirts, profiles, ads and more.
  • LinksUp

    7 reviews
    Free options
    LinksUp is the fastest and simplest way to create a beautiful and engaging professional page to sell your time, events, or digital products. Get booked and paid with one page, one link. Our goal is to focus on the technical, so you focus on growing.
  • URLify

    Turn your URL's into suspicious looking links
  • Branch App Store URLs

    2 reviews

    One link to download your iOS or Android app, or open the URL of your website. One link for any app, any platform, and any device. No more broken user experiences and no more delays.

    Branch App URLs are powered by the branch.io platforms, meaning they have full attribution and support deep linking.

    App links are free and super easy to implement, I was really glad once we started using them

  • SayHey

    2 reviews
    Free options
    Create on-brand link in bio pages that give you more context - less links. Connect IG feed, Shopify products, videos, CTA's, newsletter sign ups and much more.
  • LicketyLink

    By far the fastest way to share huge files. Start downloading the file while it is still uploading. It's file sharing for huge files.

  • ListURLs

    With the help of ListURLs.com you can create a list of url links and share as one shortened url link.
  • Tapkit

    5 reviews
    Tapkit helps businesses sell more with links that rock!
    🚀 Turn a single link into a hyper-engaging microsite
    🎨 Full creative control
    💰 Sell more of what you love
    🌎 Perfect for Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, SMS and QR
    🆓 First 5 projects totally FREE
  • Plink

    2 reviews
    Plink makes smart links for podcasts. Auto-open installed podcast apps native to listener's iOS, Android, and other mobile and smart watch devices. Each smart link also has a Show Page that desktop users will see with links to that show in major podcast apps.