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Gather Town alternatives and competitors

Make virtual spaces to bring people together and connect authentically. Gather combines video calling with fun features in a custom 2-D world, making it more spontaneous and enjoyable to get together for work, life, or play. Come join! https://bit.ly/2Td3j9h

Top alternatives for Gather Town

Zendesk for Startups
CX software that grows as you go.
  • Facebook Spaces

    Facebook's social Virtual Reality platform is here!
  • Topia

    Topia is a spatial media platform that combines playful world-building with encrypted video chat. Customize using ready-to-use kits or create your own. Host 500+ in-world for dinners, podcasts, concerts, conferences, and more. It's your world to build.
  • Cosmos Video 3.0

    4.9★23 reviews
    Free options
    Cosmos is a meetings tool designed for remote teams.
    All meetings across your team happen on a single link allowing you to create visibility in your organization.
    Express your personality, hangout and have fun in an immersive virtual world.
    Our team at Dybo has been using it for about 2 months now and there is no other app that has helped us embrace hybrid better than Cosmos. Th…See more
  • SpatialChat 2.0

    SpatialChat brings the best break-out & networking experience for online events & teams of any size.
  • Famera Beta

    Enjoy an out of body experience with friends in dazzling spaces. You’ll never want to use a normal video chat app again.
  • Teamflow 2.0

    4.7★8 reviews
    Free options
    Teamflow is your all-in-one virtual office where teams can collaborate, meet, brainstorm, and hang out.
  • Virtuali

    Virtuali is a visual, world-based social platform aiming to recreate in-person experiences online by allowing people to personalize an avatar and room, make new connections, send postcards in a post office, and experience a virtual world.
  • Chudo Virtual Spaces

    Chudo is a social platform where you engage with avatars: play around, meet with friends, study or party. The characters are generated and animated with AI.
  • Pesto

    Pesto is the digitally native, authentically human workplace. Setup your avatar: the less fatiguing, more customizable alternative to video Meet in rooms: including lofi rooms for deep work, game rooms for happy hours, and more
  • VRChat

    VRChat lets you create, publish, and explore virtual worlds with other people from around the world.

  • Banger.Digital

    Banger.Digital is a better way to throw online parties. It's sort of like a mix of Zoom and Club Penguin - but with drinking games!
  • Knit – Your Virtual Meeting Place

    At Knit – Your Virtual Meeting Place, we enable meaningful interaction between people during large online events.
  • Portal

    Portal is a customizable virtual space for you to build and hang out in. Move around like in a game, walk up to people you want to talk to or launch a game. Spend quality time with your peers and feel more connected than ever.
  • Daydream

    A 2-D virtual mall powered by video chat.
    Shop your favorite brands, catch sick deals together, or chat with strangers - Daydream Mall takes you and your friends to a shared ‘real life experience’ from the comfort of your bed.
  • Midnight Pub

    Midnight pub is a writing platform that aims to be the virtual equivalent of a pub: you go there to talk about your day, interact with a person or two while you unwind, and leave whenever you feel like.
  • Itsme­

    Itsme is the happiest place online 😊
    • Be whoever You want
    • Meet friends just like You
    • Hang out with Your BFFs!
    Welcome to the future, have fun! \(• ◡ •)/
  • Portal Spaces

    We've reinvented the stand-up for remote teams by allowing them to feel together while collaborating in virtual reality. You can draw on the whiteboard or pull up any documents on the HUD web browser.

    Don't have a VR headset? Don't worry, one is included with your $55/month subscription!

  • Mozilla Hub

    Share virtual spaces with your friends, co-workers, and communities. When you create a room with Hubs, you’ll have a private virtual meeting space that you can instantly share - no downloads or VR headset necessary.
  • Spotmaze

    This product has now been updated to Spotmaze 2.0 (It has now been completely redesigned). Check out this new post at Spotmaze 2.0.
    Spotmaze is a virtual world of hangout spots. Feel free to explore the virtual world on a browser and signup to add your spots.
  • oVice Tour

    5.0★1 review
    Free options
    oVice provides 2D virtual spaces for remote teams, event hosts, academic institutions, and community managers. Fostering both social and business communication, oVice helps you create genuine conversations and customize your virtual communication experience.