Alternative products to Gamified User Onboarding Checklist

5 alternative and related products to Gamified User Onboarding Checklist

Gamified User Onboarding Checklist

Gamify user onboarding with checklists for your SaaS app

Meet the User Onboarding Checklist by Traitly. It helps you to onboard new users faster and more effectively. Connect your data within a matter of seconds and add to your site with just one line of JavaScript. Create tailored checklists for user segments. Works with Intercom and Segment data out of the box.

5 Alternatives to Gamified User Onboarding Checklist

Onboarding teardowns of popular sites/services

Dan Kaplan
Dan Kaplan- I craft stories that break through.
If the quality of a design is measured in its ability (or not) to reduce the friction required to achieve a desired result, then user onboarding experiences are a great place to find both positive and negative examples. While it's possible that many people who design for a living will reject this, I believe how well and simply the designed thing helps peopl… See more
16 Alternatives to User Onboarding

Add gamification to your website or online store. Give your customers a chance to win a discount coupon in a scratch-off lottery in exchange for their email addresses.

Our widget will help you increase conversion rate and sales, and make visitors pay attention to specific sections of your website (Christmas sale, Black Friday, etc.)

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Double your website conversion with interactive notifications.
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Gamification lets you do all at once: attract attention, increase engagement, and eventually sell more. In the last three years we've created dozens of gamified marketing campaigns for our clients. To see where results come from just walk through the step-by-step process we follow every time.
4 Alternatives to Lucky Lottery by HoverSignal

Userlane is a smarter way for businesses to personalize User Onboarding and automate Staff Training, making it essentially possible for any person to understand any software instantly.

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In a few years from now, every software will have step-by-step contextual help in the form of on-screen guides and walkthroughs, exactly as cars have a GPS system.
Userlane Blog
Our world seems to be moving toward simplicity. Everything is on-demand, ready-to-use, and perfectly tailored to suit our needs. At the same time our choices become more complex. Think of it this way: the bigger a city becomes, the more options we have to go from A to B.
Userlane Blog
by Andy Mura Twenty years ago it was perfectly normal to use maps to drive around a new town or plan a road trip. Nowadays, we take for granted that each vehicle is delivered with a GPS navigation system that automatically guides people from A to B.
11 Alternatives to Automated User Onboarding with Userlane
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