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13 alternative and related products to Fludish Sketch UI Kit

Fludish Sketch UI Kit
🌱 Fluent iOS UI Kit designed for Sketch.

Fludish Sketch UI Kit is high quality pack based on fluent design system, includes 50+ iOS screen templates designed in Sketch, 9 most popular categories (Sign In / Sign Up, Walkthroughs, Menu, E-commerce, Profile, Media, Statistics, Messages, Social)

13 Alternatives to Fludish Sketch UI Kit

Tanmay Desai
Tanmay Desai- Will always go the extra mile.
Great plugin to create responsive design. I use it with Craft by Invision to dynamically change data and modify page accordingly. I recently used this to create Amazon LaunchPad page for a client.
Marcus- Product Designer
Really handy for setting up precise and tidy design files. I use it constantly to set fixed margins for layers, symbols and artboards.
28 Alternatives to Auto-Layout for Sketch

Collection of resources for anyone who uses Sketch

Stefan Theofilos
Stefan Theofilos- Product Designer, Entrepreneur
If you use Sketch, Sketch Repo is a great place to draw inspiration from
Kunal Bhatia
Kunal Bhatia- Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp
If you use Sketch at all, this is the best place to find resources and the assets to customize.
30 Alternatives to Sketch Repo

Generate gorgeous confetti patterns in 1 click.

Nick Abouzeid
Nick Abouzeid- Partner @ Shrug Capital
🎉🎊 🎉🎊 🎉🎊 Confetti 🎉🎊 🎉🎊 🎉🎊
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Sketch Hunt
Confetti is a fun new plugin from Yummygum that makes it easy to generate a pattern from a set of selected objects. While it most certainly is perfect for creating a literal 'confetti' design, I suspect that it could be leveraged for the creation of other kinds of interesting randomized patterns.
Toptal Design Blog
Designers love Sketch for its simplicity. They love it thanks to its plugins, which add numerous features. Here are 50 of the very best plugins for Sketch.
12 Alternatives to Sketch Confetti

Sketch plugin to make your responsive designs more efficient

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BREAKING NEWS: If you're a Sketch fan, Daniel has just released his first book for SitePoint. Check out Jump Start Sketch! Some of Sketch App's most impressive functionality is derived from the Sketch community of developers.
The many add-ons for Sketch make it one of the best options for UI designers on Mac. It's much simpler to learn than Photoshop and over 60% cheaper. Those
13 Alternatives to Fluid for Sketch

Huge freebie of custom symbols & auto-updating style guides

Symbols & Styleguides for Sketch is massive package of Nested Symbols and Predefined Text-Styles all together with 4 beautiful Auto-Updating Styleguides to keep you up to date with any design change you make!

Landing Page + All features:

Check all screens:

9 Alternatives to Nested Symbols & Styleguides for Sketch

Nightfall designed to make your design and development process much faster and delightful. Each template consists of components based on the atomic design concept. You can change it all and build your own app in days.

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Max Snitser
Design plays one of the critical roles in your application's success. A bad design with a low-quality graphics, bad user experience, not touch-friendly, will not be popular and get you bad reviews. Which leads to abysmal ROI. This article is about how much does it really cost to design a mobile app.
Max Snitser
First of all, what is a design system? Some people confuse it with UI kits or Style guides, but that's something that has a broader sense. Also, Design Systems is something that still in early stages and not generally used everywhere or being covered by design agencies or designers...
5 Alternatives to Nightfall
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