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  • Robinhood Snacks brings you digestible and easy to understand financial news you’ll enjoy. We’ll break down some of the trends and top stories shaping markets to help keep you informed about the news that affects your finances, decisions, and lives.
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    This product was very useful for me.

  • A free weekly newsletter
    Every week, we highlight the top trends and news in European fintech, alongside exclusive interviews and insights 🙌
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  • Cityfalcon 2.0

    Democratising access to financial news
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  • StockTwits for Slack

    Fun, real-time stock quotes in Slack
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  • With SimFin we build our own dataset using machine learning to make this data available for free.


    - 2000+ US companies with original and standardised statements

    - Stock screener with 70+ company ratios and shareable

    - Easy download of all data in your preferred format

    - API to source data directly into your application

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    I stumbled on SimFin a few months ago and it dramatically eased my research work on US equities. Before, I'd spend time hopping between 10ks…

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  • Mona News

    Mona reads the news with the newscaster experience whenever and wherever you want. Read the news yourself without distractions with minimalist design. A selection of over 1000 (and growing) news sources, online publishers, magazine. Read also without ads.
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  • Stock News API

    Get the latest stock news from the best news sources. Use our API to get relevant video and article content from companies in the stock market. Having clean data is our number one priority. Relevant news and credible sources are the backbone of our data.
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  • Finshots

    I read this daily. Accurate, on point reporting of financial news every time.
    Each email is short, crisp & super easy to consume.
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  • InvestBrew

    InvestBrew provides free personalized financial news feeds and analytics for stocks, indices, funds, forex, cryptocurrencies and more.
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  • Memento

    Every day, Memento distills the main points from the news (facts/events, not opinions), and displays them on a concise timeline. Then, you get quizzed on them. Research shows a short quiz after reading boosts memory by up to 50%.
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  • Handy News

    Handy News remove noise from the news and present you only the most important ones.
    Handy News helps users understand the news objectively based on media bias, geographic location, and time.
    Three types of news presentation: Timeline, World Map and Graph.
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  • NewsTab

    This extension is for those who needs news from all sources. You can select country, category or search news from search box.
    News around the world.
    News as it happens.
    News at your NewTab.
    Unbiased news, news from different source and perspective.
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