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Never lose track of a website again.
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With History Search you’ll be able to retrieve articles, open online documents, find emails or any other webpage using a phrase, comment or topic you remember.

✅ Available for Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari

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What it feels like launching years of work not knowing the outcome. Will I keep investing? Am I making the right decision? Next time I would do this, this and this different. These questions are on the mind of every startup entrepreneur all the time.
Browsers keep track of the addresses of websites you've visited, something that's very handy when you want to retrace your steps online. But a new browser extension takes the idea to the next level. The History Search extension indexes every website you visit and lets you search your history afterward.
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Tracking website updates, automated and simplified

Download the browser extension or mobile app, or sign in with the cloud app, and select a web page or page elements for monitoring.
Customize each item with various notification methods and advanced conditions.

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The online world moves swiftly - at a crazy pace, in fact. Content is updated constantly, and if you want to stay on top of all these changes, some good software can surely help. Online content or web page monitoring solutions are useful to a wide variety of businesses, politicians, and even ordinary people trying to find the best deal on those Supreme shoes… See more
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Distill Web Monitor is a free browser extension for the Google Chrome and Firefox web browsers that you may use to monitor webpages for changes.
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