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FeedMonkey alternatives and competitors

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FeedMonkey is the most efficient way to collect feedback, while iterating and building user-centered products
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  • Canny is a single place for all customer feedback. It saves you time managing all the feedback while keeping your customers in the loop. Let your customers post and vote on feedback from within your website or mobile app. You'll get an organized list of feedback that you can use to inform your roadmap.

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  • The Customer Feedback Portal by productboard allows you to listen to and engage your customers! Share feature plans, collect user feedback, and source new ideas.
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  • a complete customer feedback system that you can feed into your day-to-day product decisions.

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  • Freddy Feedback

    Freddy Feedback is a widget to get feedback from your visitors and customers on anyting that you communicate to them on your website.
    It's different in 3 ways: it's focussed, it has a modern and fresh design and serious value for money. And we have emojis 😍
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  • Astuto

    Astuto is a free, open source, self-hosted customer feedback tool. It helps you collect, manage and prioritize feedback from your users.
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  • With Upvoty, you can easily manage all of your customer's feedback and, with feature voting, you always know what to build next. Your users will love you! ❤️
    All-in-1: Feedback boards, Roadmap, and Changelog!
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    Easy in usr

  • Managly

    As as designer its always been hard for me to manage my task, hours and getting feedback. It would always get missed between those long email and you never know how many hours you have spent and your team have worked on. With Managly we tried to achieve all this points and make project managers, freelancers life easy. This is beta so show some love

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  • Featurelly

    Featurelly lets you create a feedback page customized for your app without writing any code to help you prioritize new features effectively. Users can add their feedback, upvote on existing ones, and get subscribed to the feature requests.
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