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13 alternative and related products to Farewill

Online wills in 15 minutes
Zendesk for Startups
Every customer counts when you're a startup.
13 Alternatives to Farewill

Put your freelancing on autopilot with Bonsai. Everything you need to run your freelance business. Trusted by 100,000+ top freelancers worldwide.

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Brennon Denny
Handles all you freelance needs.
Nader J Aboulhoson
This doesn't just give you templates for proposals but also helps you on your contracts and general flow.
Evan Schoepke
Bonsai is amazing for sending awesome, bulletproof, contracts and proposals and getting them quickly signed and approved by clients. It has a simple to use interface, tracks your expenses and time, and supports Stripe, Paypal, and bank ACH for payments.
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We use the data from our 40,000+ freelancers to build best practices and automation into the whole workflow. That's why our users get paid an average of 13 days faster, and have 3x fewer late payments with Bonsai.
10 Alternatives to Bonsai

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Kunal Bhatia
I also love what AND CO has done with this contract. I used it and the setup process was really simple. If you use AND CO, you can get invoicing done on autopilot.
A service run by AND CO that's super helpful with freelance contracts
Nick Abouzeid
If you're looking for a freelancer agreement, this one is a good option.
16 Alternatives to The Standard Freelance Contract

Willing is the best way to plan for your end of life.

We believe a complete estate plan must go beyond a simple will. As such, our service includes a last will and testament, living will, power of attorney, and a revocable living trust or transfer on death deed. All for just $69!

6 Alternatives to Willing
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