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Exercism alternatives and competitors

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Top alternatives for Exercism

API-first content federation platform built on GraphQL
  • dev.to

    3 reviews
    Where programmers share ideas and help each other grow

    I really like what Ben, Jess, and everyone at Dev.to team has built here. Love the platform and the community here. 💯

  • Hashnode CLI

    Hashnode is a free, friendly, and inclusive programming community! We built this small tool for terminal lovers. With this CLI, you can stay up to speed with what's happening in the dev community without opening Hashnode every time.

  • devquestions

    devquestions.co - a new developer question every weekday. Learn from a community of developers around the world, via Product Hunt and Twitter.

    💪 Powered by @byteconf – free developer conferences, streamed online on Twitch

  • CodiMD

    CodiMD is the community fork of HackMD. Collaborative real-time editing of Markdown, plus:
    * Sublime, emacs, and vim editor modes, with night mode option
    * Slide mode with RevealJS
    * Host it yourself with one-click deploy to Heroku or Cloudron.
  • Ruby Tapas

    Short Screencasts of Gourmet Ruby
  • Call a Dev

    Call a Dev is like bug spray for your programming problems.
    Join a video call with a Stack Overflow user and get help for your programming problem for just $1 a minute. You can even share your screen to let them easily see your spaghetti codebase!