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Electricity Map
Live CO2 emissions of electricity consumption

Electricity Map shows in real-time where your electricity comes from, and how much CO2 was emitted to produce it

4 Alternatives to Electricity Map

Clean, safe and affordable nuclear power 🏭

Transatomic is a nuclear-energy startup focused on building molten salt reactors.

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IEEE Spectrum: Technology, Engineering, and Science News
It's pretty straightforward to get some coders together in a spare room to create a software start-up. Should a nascent company have hardware inclinations, it might set out to make a consumer electronics gadget with an assist from Kickstarter. And then there's Transatomic Power Corp., of Cambridge, Mass., which is trying to build a nuclear reactor.
Neutron Bytes: Transatomic Releases Details of New Reactor Design Advanced reactor developer Transatomic Power Corporation has released a new technical white paper detailing its advanced nuclear reactor design. In a business world which almost always zealously guards the integrity of its intellectual property, the action is an unprecedented step for an early… See more
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