Alternative products to Deep Dreamer

5 alternative and related products to Deep Dreamer

Deep Dreamer
Process images and video with Google's (uncanny) Deepdream
5 Alternatives to Deep Dreamer

The easiest way to achieve lucid dreaming

Imagine a world where anything is possible. That is the world of Lucid Dreaming. Learning how to lucid dream can be hard. LucidDreamBot streamlines this journey. Ready to explore your dreams?

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🤖 Making a chatbot in a day to help myself achieve lucid dreams more easily 🛌 To waking up to unexpected market validation after sharing it on Reddit 👁 To launching LucidDreamBot to make lucid...
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Turn your normal photos into trippy, disturbing recreations

Dreamscope uses artificial intelligence to recreate your photo into an amazing artwork! Have fun while exploring a variety of artistic effects and find your inner artist!

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UPDATE - If you want a native app on your Mac to do the same job, using Google's available Deep Dream code, you can download RealMac's beta software. Deep Dream has caused something of a stir online in recent weeks.
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image via DreamscopeDreamscope is a new web app that warps photos into inceptionist images or other filters inspired by Google's 'Deep Dream' artificial neural network. Users can freely use the web app to create images with one of 16 filters, or register a free account to create higher-resolution images with three additional filters.Laughing Squid circuit bo… See more
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Instagram meets DeepDream. A web app called Dreamscope developed by Lambda Labs allows users to upload an image and apply different filters, including ones inspired by the computerized nightmares "dreamed" up by Google's artificial neural networks. There are 15 filters to choose from when an image is uploaded to Dreamscope, and an additional three "exclusive… See more
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The simplest way to lucid dream. Ever.

The average person sleeps for 8 hours a night, unlock these hours and experience infinite realms. With Daydream, you can achieve lucid dreams simply and quickly. Record your dreams with the built-in dream journal, and receive schedulable reality checks that will train your mind.

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Starting off the month strong, I've begun to design and develop the process for logging your dreams. The components for certain questions are still a work in progress, however. Once this process is fully implemented, different questions will have different components based on their context, for example, the rating question will show 5 stars which are clickab… See more
The first month of the 12-month sprint to develop 6 startups. For my first startup, I've decided to dive head first into two new technologies. React Native & Firebase. These are two fantastic concepts which I've been wanting to play with for an incredibly long time, but never had the chance to!
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6 Alternatives to Daydream
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