Alternative products to create-repo (Ruby gem)

create-repo (Ruby gem)

Create a Github repository straight from the terminal!

create-repo is a Ruby gem that automatically creates a Github repository and pushes your local repo to the remote repo. No need to go to the browser and sign in to Github.

4 alternative and related products to create-repo (Ruby gem)

Repo Hunt

Trending repositories on GitHub today

Repo Hunt is an mobile application that allows you to discover and share most trending GitHub repositories

I'm an 18-year old Computer Science student. Like most CS students, I spend a lot of time surfing GitHub for that coveted snippet of code. Everybody has, at least once, felt extremely exhilarated after finding the repository they've been looking for all night. As time progressed, I started to take GitHub more seriously.
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Github Pages

Every Github repo has a secret free website.

Alexandre Mouriec- Growth @ Monday | CS @ IUT Lannion
If you know how to code, Github is a really good hosting thanks to Github Pages . Since I discovered that, I uploaded my personal website and a project website there. You can even use your own domain.
Anne-Laure Le Cunff- Founder @ Lysa. Ex-Google.
Github is probably the place that makes most sense, even if it would be higher maintenance compared to a regular blogging platform.
Karthik- PhD Student, Computational Biology
It might take a little bit of work but you can also setup a blog with Jekyll and serve it using Github pages.
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