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Practice an interview with industry experts
The marketplace where you can find and schedule an interview with industry experts.
Or just signup as an expert, conduct an interview and generate side income providing and sharing valuable knowledge/experience.
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Exponent's PM Interview Course is a PM interview prep platform. We believe product management is an amazing but challenging career to break into, so we designed Exponent. Our course includes dynamic interview questions and questions for practice.

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Founder, PMLesson Stephen Cognetta is the founder of PMLesson, a startup that offers coaching and resources for people who are looking for their dream job in product management. Product management is a rapidly growing, dynamic discipline with a wide range of potential definitions.
PMLesson Blog
At PMLesson, we're dedicated to providing a wealth of information helping aspiring product managers land their dream job. Introducing: PMLesson's Blog.
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MockRabit is a mock interview app aimed at helping tech developers practice and perfect their mock interview. The app displays question based on job profile, experience and resume. It converts the voice to text and displays the accuracy based on AI/ML based algorithmic answer matching.

Ishwar Jha
Ishwar Jha
Here is an interesting NLP/AI powered app to practice mock interview before actual job interview for software developers
Divya Patil
Divya Patil
I never look back after using this app. This is what you actually need. Hope this solves your query.
Runam Sharma
Runam Sharma
Students who want to ace their technical skills.
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Free, anonymous technical interview practice with engineers from Google, Facebook, and more. Get actionable feedback, get awesome at interviewing, get fast-tracked at top companies.

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Business Insider
The first blog post I published that got any real attention was called " Lessons from a year's worth of hiring data." It was my attempt to understand what attributes of someone's resume actually mattered for getting a software engineering job.
A growing number of companies are experimenting with blind hiring. It's a process that seeks to eliminate bias by hiding a job candidate's identity. RENEE MONTAGNE, HOST: It is hard to hire purely on merit. Executives may be influenced by an applicant's age or race or just where they attended school.
Washington Post
When Aline Lerner worked as a tech recruiter, she saw a lot of biased hiring. "The kind of discrimination and bias I witnessed went beyond gender and race, though those are certainly palpable and very, very real.
Fast Company
Unconscious bias is often hiding in plain sight during the hiring process. We know that simply by being human, recruiters and managers can fall prey to signals that suggest the candidate is somehow not part of their tribe.
Take out your name, resume and any other identifying information then hop on the internet and show your skills to a recruiting manager. That's the way does it to ensure a truly blind interview for big tech companies like Facebook and Lyft. And, says cofounder Aline Lerner, wom...
Oct.06 -- Guests include: Steve Cadigan, former LinkedIn VP of talent, and Aline Lerner, founder.
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