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Empowering brand creators at the core and raising identity style guide consistency as a result for brands.
The easiest way to supercharge developer productivity
  • Use Atlassian's end-to-end design language to create straightforward and beautiful experiences.

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    Looking forward to this launch to unifying the brand and products more, and seeing some great UX/UI improvements to JIRA especially! (deskto…

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  • Quick Search is a social media search engine built for brands who want insights, not just data. It helps you find content ideas, detect influencers, understand audiences & spot trends instantly. Sometimes, all you need is a quick overview of what’s happening - on social, online news, blogs or forums. Quick Search helps you picture your brand in seconds. It’s an easy to use and incredibly powerful (you have our word!)

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    I can see great benefit of this for small/medium businesses, as well as agencies.

  • An essential guide for the whole design team
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  • Brandy

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    Brandy is a brand asset manager that keeps your team in sync with correct assets at all times.

    Drag and drop logos or copy hex codes by clicking on swatches, brandy is meant to be a toolkit to help you stay productive.

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    I love single-purpose minimalistic apps like this!

    However, I'm having some issues:

    - When opening at login, it displays the main window.

    - C…

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  • Craft your company's story & make your products irresistible
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