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A retro, artisanal keyboard

15 Alternatives to Code Mechanical Keyboard

Keyboard, mouse, and trackpad in the best color ⌨️

Apple's most favorite accessories are now here in space grey. Innovation.

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Apple has likely just made its aesthetic-obsessed Mac fans very, very happy, with the wireless Magic Mouse 2, Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad 2 in its Space Gray color going up for sale on their own. Up until now, these accessories were only available with the purchase of an exorbitantly-priced iMac Pro computer.
When Apple unveiled the iMac Pro, they introduced it in a space grey finish that helped to set it apart from the regular iMac. This included the chassis of the computer, the keyboard, mouse, and trackpad. Initially Apple did not sell these accessories separate from the iMac Pro, resulting in some opportunists who took to eBay where they sold these accessorie… See more
Image: Apple The hashtags #AppleEvent and #iPad have been trending on Twitter all morning, because Apple has done an astoundingly good job of turning marketing events into national news. Tuesday, the company announced a $329 iPad that's mostly the same as the old iPad but supports the Apple Pencil, which is appropriate because the event is being held at a hi… See more
11 Alternatives to Space Grey Accessories, from Apple

This Scrabble Mechanical Keyboard is a custom and officially licensed mechanical keyboard that will last for years and bring some fun to your workspace. Plus, if you already have a mechanical keyboard, you can get just the keycaps to swap in (! You can even get a "bag" of caps to play a regulation game of Scrabble!

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Cool Mom Tech
If you're a Scrabble fan like I am, or know someone who is, you're going to want to get your hands on this amazing Scrabble keyboard, which is a cool, new collaboration between Massdrop and Hasbro. Awesome. (Extra 50 points for using all my letters!)
I haven't played a game of Scrabble in years, but even if I did, I can't see myself shelling out money for an official Scrabble keyboard. But if you are a super-fan of the classic word game, you will likely feel different and find this keyboard stunning.
Cassidy Williams' vintage design came from a dream, now it's a mechanical reality. If you're the sort of individual whose devotion is torn between tech and terminology, this officially licensed Scrabble keyboard should be your new religion. It's got Cherry MX brown mechanical switches, a compact tenkeyless design, and even includes Scrabble-themed custom key… See more
Scrabble mechanical keyboard - Simple, fun and expertly designed, the Scrabble mechanical keyboard from Massdrop is the ideal computer accessory for and addict of the immensely p...
This officially licensed Scrabble keyboard is perfect for the board game enthusiast.
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To date, you can find a variety of mechanical keyboards that could be what you're looking for, such as one from HyperX or Logitech or anyone else but you may have never seen a Hasbro Scrabble mechanical keyboard before. This keyboard has been officially licensed by Hasbro and created by Cassidy Williams, a huge board game fan.
De wereld van toetsenborden is magisch. Waar de grote meute genoegen neemt met een standaard toetsenbord, is er een niche vol met accessoires, speciale uitvoeringen en dure technologie. Vooral mechanische toetsenborden zijn mateloos populair. Daarbij kun je elke toets individueel indrukken, zoals een paar decennia geleden, met een mooi klikgeluid als resulta… See more
Journal du Geek
Si vous êtes à la recherche d'un clavier original, voilà peut-être de quoi vous démarquer. Nous seulement il combine les avantage d'une membrane mécanique, ce qui lui confère une solidité à toute épreuve et une tonalité bien à lui, mais il arbore un look inspiré du célèbre jeu d'Hasbro (ou Mattel selon les pays).
Dr Wong - Emporium of Tings. Web Magazine.
This is the $160 officially licensed Scrabble mechanical keyboard (with Cherry MX Brown switches) available for preorder from crowdfunding site Massdrop. The keyboard is the brainchild of Cassidy Williams, who was apparently able to secure the licensing rights from Hasbro "after relentless cold-calling." PERSEVERANCE.
Scrabble als Keyboard. (Foto: Massdrop) Von dem Kultspiel Scrabble könnt ihr einfach nicht genug bekommen? Dann holt euch die Spielsteine auf eure Tastatur. Tja, warum eigentlich auch nicht? Der Hersteller Massdrop ist auf individuelle Keycaps spezialisiert. Für dieses besondere Scrabble Keyboard arbeitet das Unternehmen sogar mit den Rechteinhabern von Hasb… See more
Massdrop has released an amazing Scrabble themed mechanical keyboard and keycap set that are officially licensed by Hasbro. The keyboard features 87-keys using Cherry MX Brown switches and colors similar to the official Scrabble board game. Massdrop's custom Scrabble keyboard and keycap set are available to purchase from the Massdrop shop.
If you've only ever dreamed of dropping words like "oxyphenbutazone" and "katzenjammers" on a Scrabble board, you might want to take a shortcut and pick up an officially licensed Scrabble mechanical keyboard from Massdrop. Designer and board-game fan Cassidy Williams spent nearly a year working on the design and cold-calling Hasbro, the gaming company behind… See more
The keyboard features the same double-letter scores and values associated with the individual letters of the alphabet: from the easily connected "A" to the impossible-to-connect "Q." These values are denoted by a small number on the bottom-right corner of each tile, just like in the board game.
It looks like it would be the most satisfying thing to type on, you can visualise the clacking (official term) of the letters, and the colour scheme is very '70s resurgence. Each key has, naturally, the letter score in the corner of it, for total authenticity.
If you spend all of your time hunched over your keyboard, you know the thrill of a novelty keyboard. A unicorn-colored keyboard once saved me from a mid-year work slump, making my fingertips excited to dance upon colors and reinvigorating my work eth...
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You don't have to be a wordplay expert to use the officially-licensed Hasbro Scrabble Keyboard from community-driven commerce vendor, Massdrop. The keyboard's custom keycap set features the same fonts and muted colour palette as an official Scrabble board, right down to the logo on the "Enter" key.
The Verge
Massdrop has collaborated with Hasbro to create this delightful Scrabble keycap set that comes paired with an entry-level tenkeyless keyboard (a keyboard without a number pad) from WASD, as spotted by . The custom keys come in classic Scrabble colors - beiges, a soft red and blue, and baby pink - and each one of the letters sports its Scrabble value.
We've covered a few of Massdrop's unorthodox keyboard upgrades over the years, but none as lovely as this officially-licensed Hasbro Scrabble keyboard that puts every letter of the alphabet at your disposal, instead of just seven you randomly grab at the start of a game.
9 Alternatives to Massdrop x Hasbro Scrabble Keyboard
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