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Bowflex Max Intelligence alternatives and competitors

Bowflex Max Intelligence is ready to be your coach, speaking directly to you and offering the guidance and motivation you need to succeed!

Top Bowflex Max Intelligence alternatives
The platform to replace your homegrown importer
  • Fitso

    Your personal coach for fitness, running & weight loss/gain
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  • Fitwell

    Fitwell is a smart fitness coach that is utilising AI, sports science and game mechanics to offer personal nutrition and exercise coaching with its mobile app and AI bot to make fitness fun and accessible, especially for time starved urbanites who find fitness overwhelming, unpleasant and rewards far away.

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  • Rise

    1:1 personal (& affordable) diet coaching.
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  • Jim.Coach

    Gym workout app for normal people
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  • Hardloop 2.0

    Free options
    With Hardloop you can create any variation of running plans which could be used to track the runs with the app. You can schedule workouts and reminders, choose from a variety of goals, run on virtual trails, analyze your performance and much more!
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  • VIITA Watches

    The next-gen smartwatch that helps you reduce stress, improve performance, and manage your health. Powered by artificial intelligence, VIITA scans your body’s vital signs to calculate your stress level and regeneration status and provides personalized recommendations. Now live on Indiegogo!

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  • The Coach Parry Online Training Platform is an interactive, web and app-based platform that will guide you and give you everything you need to become the best athlete you can be.

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    The forum with access to qualified, knowledgeable coaches when I’m unsure how to tweak my programme - for such a small monthly fee is incred…

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