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Botsify Video Call Support alternatives and competitors

1 review
Video calling is super easy, Just click on the video icon located in live chat area and your customer will get the video link. By clicking the link video call will start in chat widget. Happy Calling!

Top alternatives for Botsify Video Call Support

Google Workspace
Collaboration tools loved by billions
  • Cohere Chime

    5 reviews
    Free options
    Your site is a storefront, treat it like one with the Cohere Chime widget.
    Close more customers faster with instant live video calls.
    Get 40% more connected calls with the Cohere widget, directly from your site.
  • Zoom

    8 reviews

    Zoom is a powerful online meeting tool for large, distributed teams.

  • Whereby

    4 reviews
    Easy and flexible meetings in the browser. Create your permanent own video room (whereby.com/your-room) that guests can join simply by clicking the link. No downloads or registration required by guests, no host required in meetings.
  • Video Live Chat for Websites

    9 reviews
    The Live Chat that will let you Video Call your website guests frictionless.
    👉Provide Real-time Video Chat Support: Increase revenues by creating personal relationships with guests via face-to-face conversations.
  • Bonjoro 2.0

    6 reviews
    Free options
    Bonjoro 2.0 helps you build amazing customer relationships with video. Onboard new customers, book more sales calls, gather customer feedback, all with quick personalized video-emails.
  • Vidiwise

    2 reviews
    Boost your sales via instant video calls based on your customer behavior. Vidiwise is a no-code videocall platform that lets you connect with your visitors in just 1-click.
  • Tolstoy

    Drive engagement and action with video branching. Tolstoy's simple, easy to use, interactive video platform steers viewers to the right content for them.
  • Sesh

    Spontaneously start, join or watch video hangouts on your private groups in natural way.
    The “Safety Sesh” button allows you to easily broadcast your live video and location to your pre-selected safety contacts in times of perceived danger or insecurity.