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Botsify FAQ Chatbot alternatives and competitors

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Botsify has built the FAQ Chatbot tool which provides easiness to website owners for finding possible FAQs in the website and create automated chatbot. The flow is easy and go like this:
1- Add URL of website
2- Content scraping
3- FAQ Chatbot created
Top Botsify FAQ Chatbot alternatives
Workflows by Anvil
No-code PDF automation for all, webform meets PDF & e-sign
  • Botsociety is a tool to preview and prototype chatbots and voice. We are the InVision of conversational interface. You will be able to quickly prototype for Facebook Messenger, Slack, Google Home and more.

    Will be using this for all bot / messaging prototyping from now

  • bottr.me

    Create your bot by simply talking to it!
  • Tinybot

    Go from idea to bot in minutes

    Whether you want to build an audience, generate leads, or just have some fun, tinybot helps you create and manage multiple twitter bots easily

    We’re going to be adding new bot types weekly

    Pricing TBC - help us figure it out

  • A robust chatbot platform that lets you build, test and launch AI chatbots without coding and across multiple communication channels.
  • ❓ Choose from a large list of questions to validate your audience data
    ✅ Add conditions to display unique questions based on the user answers.
    💅 Customize the look and feel.
    👩‍💻 Share a link or integrate anywhere in your web apps.
    🔍 Analyze and export results.
  • Response is a chatbot that you can train in minutes by uploading FAQs, Docs and previous support tickets. Response saves founders and customer service reps hours by answering repeat questions that can be found in docs or previous support answers.
  • 🔥Manybot lets you create your own bots. Manybot is the most feature rich platform for bot creation. We combine that power with the simplicity of use. That is why over 100'000 bots are managed through our platform sending more than 15 million messages a day.
  • Fleep

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    Free options
    Fleep is a chatbot builder for Telegram, in which you can create bots without programming knowledge.
    — create a store and sell your products;
    — create modern clients support;
    — send mailings to users;
    — use deffered multiposting in chats & channels
  • Create a discord bot without a single line of code. Simply create a bot over at the discord developer portal, paste the key into your dashboard and enable/disable functions to customize your bot.
  • Faqbot has launched a beta version of a paraphrasing technology
    allowing it to generate variants of the same questions in order to train the bots before
    going online. This technology helps you to severely decrease the time of going live
    while also increasing your bots accuracy.
  • webcomet

    webcomet lets you create and manage FAQs and knowledgebases that are easily published onto your websites. It's easy to use and suits inexperienced users, as well as more advanced users that want to customize, tweak and get insightful statistics of the usage.
  • FAQ-div

    FAQ-div is a small JS library that you can add to your page to turn an existing <div> into an effective FAQ. It has powerful search, is highly configurable, SEO-friendly, and open source!