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Transfer files between any device with 4-digit codes is a webapp that allows you to easily transfer files between devices with high speeds.
It uses modern technologies like WebRTC, Blobs and WebSockets to allow files to be transferred as fast as possible. And it's ad-free!
20 Alternatives to Blymp

Tired of using Airdrop only for Apple devices? Tired of sharing links and getting people's emails? is a browser based file sharing made easy.

See everyone on your local network and send files! All you need to do is go on the link. Don't worry we delete your files automatically afterwards too.

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BlackHole is secure, server-less file transfer that works with blockchain technology.
It's an open-source project and available for Windows and Mac.

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Por toda a web existem diversos serviços de transferência de ficheiros, mas poucos têm os atributos do BlackHole. Oferecendo um serviço idêntico ao do WeTransfer, assenta na tecnologia blockchain! Conheça o BlackHole e de que modo este pode ser o seu próximo aliado na partilha de ficheiros.
We've covered many file-transfer services previously, but we recently stumbled upon Black Hole, a relatively new service uses the blockchain-based Blockstack network for user logins, file storage, and delivery. (Best of all: It's free.) All files uploaded to Black Hole are encrypted first, and the data is then split and shared among other Blockstack users.
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Sally is a Mac app to transfer files between Mac and mobiles in high speed without USB cables, Bluetooth, even without internet connection, particularly working for large files.

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SurgeSend is a file transfer product that makes sending large files easy. It’s packed with features: encryption of files, Super Surge for faster downloads, pause and resume, bigger uploads and storages options with Surge Pro, and more. Compatible with everyone!

16 Alternatives to Surge Send aims to bring the comfort of transmitting files via methods like Apple's AirDrop to any device 📦
📱 Simply open on both devices
⌨️ Use a 4-digit code to connect both devices
🏎 Your file will be transferred to the other device

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See which companies are using MASV Rush, compare its alternatives, and read reviews from verified users and experts
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ToffeeShare is a private and secure tool to send files via your browser.
Your files are never stored in 'The Cloud' but are transferred directly (encrypted and P2P) to the receiver.
There's no file size limit and no account or registration is required.

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Reclaim The Net
Have you ever tried to send a file using a messenger, Telegram, or even email just to get notified that your file failed to be transferred due to its size? Do you ever think about the privacy and safety of the app you're using to send something?
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Have you ever spent more than 1 second wondering "How do I get, on my computer, this photo I just made with my phone?" Forget about sending an email to yourself or such solutions. Yopp is a minimalist tool that does this. With a minimal number of actions.

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Show HN: Yopp - A very quick way to transfer a file from phone to computer
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A secured and scalable way to receive files for businesses.
Let clients send files using their preferred method and keep them informed.
Get your team tools to process files quickly and scale.

Amir Lahav
Amir Lahav
We use ImportFeed internally every single day to process incoming files. That was the main reason we decided to release it as its own product.
Amir Lahav
Amir Lahav
ImportFeed helps you be productive when processing incoming files.
Amir Lahav
Amir Lahav
ImportFeed makes it really easy to receive and process clients' documents.
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Collect and process clients' documents using secure cloud technology
Whether you're receiving customer orders, inventory, documents, media, or anything else, bringing in data from customers and partners is necessary for your business' survival. As a startup, you're at a point where decisions you make now will surely shape the way data reaches your organization in the years to come.
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