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Bitdock alternatives and competitors

1 review

Bitdock is a lightweight OSX menu bar application that tracks the price index of Bitcoin in USD, GBP and EUR. I built it after being tired of constantly heading over to Coinbase or GDAX and I was unable to find an OSX application that was simply executed. I bodged this together in a few hours, so I'll be improving and adding new cryptocurrencies.

Top alternatives for Bitdock

  • CryptoBot

    1 review
    Track all the latest tokens, ICOs and cryptocurrency news
  • Cryptoradar

    Cryptoradar is a real-time cryptocurrency price comparison website that not only gives you the best price but also lets you compare various exchanges based on various features.

    We currently support Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and Monero.

  • Crypto Bar

    4 reviews

    An open-source menu bar application that updates cryptocurrencies prices in real-time and allows users to create alerts for price changes. Pricing data is updated every minute.

    Very easy to install and simple tool without opening & refreshing the browser unlike other apps.

  • Crypto Tracker

    a chrome extension to track the latest bitcoin & ether prices and set alerts for prices moves. It shows the bitcoin / ether price in every new chrome tab.

  • Bitcoin Bar

    This menu bar application will keep you up to date on bitcoin prices in 22 different currencies.

    Choose from several different update intervals and add your wallet holdings to keep track of your personal value in any supported currency.Bitcoin Bar is

  • WatchCoins

    4 reviews

    We are impacting people's lives around the globe giving them better access about the market of cryptocurrencies through cutting-edge technology and innovative tools to help people make profitable decisions about their investments.

    Now arbitration! =)

  • CoinsCrate

    4 reviews
    CoinsCrate is a lightning fast cryptocurrency market data provider for all your favorite coins and exchanges. Providing you a beautiful overview of the market movement, advanced coin search and real volume estimates for top exchanges.

    been using for a week and is my new go to coinmarketcap!

  • Delta 3.0

    Delta is a cryptocurrency tracker, enabling users to get a clear overview of their investments and the related profit (or loss). On top of that, Delta offers easy and fast access to how the market is performing in general, as well as analytics & curated news.
  • Coin Tick

    Coin Tick is my every day and minute quick snapshot to how the crypto currency markets are moving. Very reliable ticker.

  • Daily Coin Price

    Daily Coin Price is introducing an easy way to track and share the profitability of cryptocurrencies. Go and check cryptocurrency price & yield in real time or for a specific date, rates of return, related news and various share instruments on dailycoinprice.com

  • Coinpare

    Coinpare allows you to analyse cryptocurrency trading data across multiple exchanges and blockchains in the comfort of your terminal.

    You can easily setup your own portfolio and watch for live data changes. You can configure the auto refresh interval, base conversion currency and many more.

  • Cryptee

    2 reviews

    Crypto and chill while holding to the moon with Cryptee!

    Cryptee is the only cryptocurrency app designed just for Android TV.

    Stay on top of the prices for all your favorite coins all from the comfort of your couch.

  • Bitcoin Rate Converter & Tracker

    Track real-time bitcoin rates in multiple currencies
  • Cryptoradar

    2 reviews
    Cryptoradar finds the best places to buy crypto among 70+ exchanges across prices, features, customer reviews & more. Our real-time prices include all trading and payment fees, providing you with the transparency you need to make informed investment decisions.
  • CryptoTrakr

    Cryptocurrencies tracker and manager
  • Liquidity.so

    1 review
    Liquidity helps crypto traders find the most liquid exchange to trade on. Our tool simulates orders across +50 exchanges to find the best price. Never overpay for liquidity again.
  • Moonboard

    Moonboard is a browser extension for Google Chrome that keeps a tab on the major cryptocurrency prices in realtime and provide analytics on them.

  • Notion Cryptofolio

    2 reviews
    Payment required
    A Notion template to track all your cryptocurrencies investments with custom widgets and a good visual enhancement.
  • cointable

    Free options
    It's key to know changes on coins in minutes, in hours before it's too late. Doesn't matter dropped or raised. cointable will let you what's happing on which one. You will be able to see moving coin even if market is stable.
  • TickerPad

    A quick glance at the token price you care about.