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Better Window Manager
A tiny window management app for the Mac
Email at its best, new from Basecamp
16 Alternatives to Better Window Manager

Move and resize windows with ease. Spectacle provides window control with simple and customizable keyboard shortcuts.

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Korbin H
I like Spectacle because of the hotkeys - super efficient, free.
Csaba Kissi
Free, easy to use, great shortcuts
Shane K
I was a Moom user for a long time. Then I found this - its free and the keyboard shortcuts are awesome!
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One year ago, I worked on a small sideproject called VEEER, which I now uploaded to the internet - It'd mean a lot if you try it out! ❤️

VEEER is a lightweight window manager for your mac OSX - designed for designers & developers and built for a maximum workflow speed.

👉 Edit: Major update with bugfixes & new features is planned! 👈 🎉🖥

Julian Praest
🖥 Manage your windows - for free! Huge 2.0 version with tons of new features coming soon.. ✨
Free and simple tool that snaps the windows in place.
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A window management tool :

· Auto Layout

· Workspace Setup

· Window control

· Desktop control

Anthony Glyadchenko
This is totally underrated.
Jason Rados
Remembers and restores layouts! I have one setup for work and it launches all the relevant apps and places them perfectly.
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Product Hunt
LayAuto 2 - Smart & automated window management for Mac ✨.
12 Alternatives to LayAuto
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