Alternative products to Bark

5 alternative and related products to Bark

Connect with the people around you, by barking like a dog
5 Alternatives to Bark

A simple app to say "yo" to friends

Alban JAMESSE- E-commerce manager.
Because, when you think, you can do everything with Yo. (Not a joke). Yo app and his API are endless, it's an open door on everything you can do with web, automation, robotics, … (Except produce text, but you can produce photos and videos). Just with button(s).
4 Alternatives to Yo

Find people for group activities and travel

Find people for your group activity and travel. Join groups for your next adventure. Post trips, approve participants, discuss details with the group in our chat, plan trips with your friends (private trip mode) and add people if somebody bails on you in the last moment (make the trip public). Leave ratings and reviews to build a trusted community.

Denis Anisimov
Denis Anisimov- CTO @ Introwise
You can use Sharedtrip to create private(link-only) events. It covers your required flow perfectly with zero overhead. Disclaimer: I am a maker. Hope this helps!
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