Alternative products to B2B Growth Guides

14 alternative and related products to B2B Growth Guides

B2B Growth Guides

Guides for B2B Marketers looking to grow after GDPR

The most recurring question we get in our B2B Marketers & Founders Facebook Group is how to find, qualify, and convert high quality B2B leads. A question we knew more people out there were pondering on. A question which is now solved.

14 Alternatives to B2B Growth Guides

Your AI-powered marketing navigation system

InfiniGrow is an AI-driven marketing planning and analytics platform that enables SaaS marketing teams to optimally allocate their budget across the right channels to achieve their KPIs and maximize performance.

Ryan Abrams
Ryan Abrams- Director of Marketing @ InfiniGrow
InfiniGrow collects your marketing performance data and external market data, analyzes and learns from it using mchine learning and makes recommendations for how much budget to put towards each marketing channel in order to to hit your goal.
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Tel Aviv, Israel: The growing number of marketing channels and the ensuing trove of data has resulted in marketing teams spending most of their time trying to understand and act on their data to improve marketing performance and KPIs.
6 Alternatives to InfiniGrow

A 14 step guide to acquire and nurture leads on Linkedin

When it comes to Linkedin marketing, most B2B marketers always think about paid ads.

What if there was a way to acquire and nurture leads without spending a dime on ads?

This is where Linkedin Content Marketing comes into play in a 14 step process.

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if you didn't read these B2B growth guides to grow your company in 2018, your competitors will. Great value, no bullsh*t & always free.
6 Alternatives to B2B LinkedIn content marketing

Ash Maurya's new book on mastering key metrics for growth

Kuchengnom- Product Designer
We are using the idea of creating hypothesis and evaluating them. We record the findings in reports that are written in understandable language, so when coming back in a few months, you still understand what was going on and what you did. All this in Dropbox Paper.
4 Alternatives to Scaling Lean

1-click access to accurate B2B info

HD Connect works on LinkedIn and allows you to uncover best contact info of your prospect when you're on their LinkedIn profile. This includes emails (Business and Personal) + Phone Numbers + Social Media Handles and more.

HD Connect also uncovers key firmographic info about your prospect's company by simply visiting their website.

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BW Disrupt
Some of the key investors leading this round are Atim Kabra, founding partner of Frontline Strategy Limited and an active angel investor, and Abhay Deshpande, a SaaS veteran and a Serial Entrepreneur. Hyperdata, a B2B sales intelligence platform has raised a structured round of financing of Rs.50 lakhs from Singapore-based CCube Angels Network (CAN).
6 Alternatives to HD Connect

Embed and Scan for GDPR compliance on your website

Together with a few partners, we developed a small nifty little web widget to scan a website for GDPR compliance.

Partners can easily embed the widget to their website and earn a commission when people sign up using the widget. More details s

Typical businesses, as we see now, who embed the web widget are consultancy companies working with compliance, data privacy, security and technology.

17 Alternatives to GDPR Scan Widget

Make your website GDPR compliant

Secure Privacy helps organizations make their websites GDPR and ePrivacy compliant. The solution scans your website for thousands of plugins and cookies, and setup the necessary privacy banners based on the scanning.

You can block cookies and pixels from being loaded on a website before consent has been given by the visitor.

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Using automated consent management solutions, organizations can document and provide evidence that you have the necessary consent, with the administrative, contractual, economical downsides and risks associated It took four years of intense debate and preparation to finally approve the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
International Business Times UK
It is no secret that EU has been slamming Silicon Valley companies with large fines. In June 2017, we saw Google being fined a record high penalty of $2.7bn for using its search engine to unfairly steer visitors to its own shopping platform. The EU has a new weapon called GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation.
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Gabrielle Orum Hernández | Prosperoware's new integration system CAM, and its components CAM Provisioning and CAM ContentMirror, lets users work across multiple cloud-based systems. Larry Bridgesmith, Vanderbilt Law School | The blockchain has a number of novel applications for access to justice initiatives, such as the Internet Bar Organization's outreach t… See more
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The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect in May 2018, which means that any organization doing business in or with the EU has six months from this writing to comply with the strict new privacy law. The GDPR applies to any organization holding or processing personal data of E.U.
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