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AutoMask alternatives and competitors

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Many on social media have cautioned that pictures can be used to identify protestors. This AI-powered web tool allows users to automatically blur and anonymize people in pictures. Everything is processed in the browser, so no images ever leave the device.
Top AutoMask alternatives
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  • Fawkes

    "At a high level, Fawkes takes your personal images, and makes tiny, pixel-level changes to them that are invisible to the human eye, in a process we call image cloaking."
    was popular on hacker news:
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  • Blur for macOS

    Blur for macOS allows you to quickly and easily blur, pixilate, and color images on your Mac. We've been building it alongside macOS Mojave and would love to hear your feedback! The more we hear the more it improves.

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  • HideFaces

    Automatically hide faces in videos with AI

    Now you can easily blur faces on videos to protect everyone’s privacy

    Hidefaces.app uses Artificial Intelligence to recognize people in the video, and then completely blur their faces in an automatic way
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  • Pic.Hance

    Our blur tool can automatically detect faces in photos and add a blur filter on top to anonymize your photos.
    Super simple to use and get back your blurred image instantly.
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  • Hate having your video on for virtual meetings? Use one of these graphics and nobody will ever ask you to go camera-on again.
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