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App Marketing Stack

200+ handpicked resources on app marketing and mobile growth

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Marketing Stack

A curated directory of marketing resources & tools

dimitar inchev- Team Coworkies &
Here you can find the best in each category.
Ben Tossell- Partner, The Upstarters
I'm biased because I made this but I put together some useful marketing tools in different categories that I recommended
Anne-Laure Le Cunff- Founder @ Lysa. Ex-Google.
This is an amazing list of tools you can use to market your business, lots of them free. The Growth Marketing section in particular has an extensive collection of websites and services you should have a look at.
Ben Tossell- Partner, The Upstarters
@andrewquarrie - thanks!! Uhmm I have tried to steer clear of outsourcing tools. This is hopefully to encourage people to do it themselves. Looks like a great tool though and I will add it to my review list nevertheless :)
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Content Marketing Stack

A curated directory of content marketing resources

Nicolas Nemni- Software Product Manager
Content Marketing Stack is an actionable collection of the best resources you need to craft and execute a successful Content Marketing. Seven years ago Seth Godin (@ThisIsSethsBlog) said: “[Content Marketing] is all the marketing that’s left.” Today with Content Marketing, you can achieve 2,900%+ ROI. I tried my best to select the best only. So the point … See more
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Startup Collections

Resources & tools for entrepreneurs, designers & developers

Giray Girisken
Thank you @keyul for hunting Startup Collections. Startup Collections provides resources and tools for entrepreneurs, designers, developers and marketers to help them save time, energy and money. I was making lists for myself to use on my own side-projects or to build MVPs to test some ideas. Then I decided to categorize the tools and make a website to hel… See more
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55 app growth lessons from 30 app marketing experts

AppGrowthLab is a free easy to follow app growth course handcrafted by 30 app marketing experts from SplitMetrics, AppsFlyer, Buffer, Rovio, Google, Chartboost and other companies.

You can study progressively with weekly modules received by Email or Facebook Messenger or access all materials at once from your course dashboard.

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The Influencer Marketing Stack

Free resources to launch a killer campaign

We’ve teamed up with 5 incredible influencer marketing brands to create a spectacular FREE resource hub. You’ll find everything you need to know to launch a killer influencer campaign right away!

Thanks to Buzzstream, Bitly, The Shelf, Later, and Shane Barker for your wisdom and resources.

La ressource ultime pour le marketing d'influence par Mention Le marketing d'influence n'est plus seulement un terme tendance. En réalité, les marques dépensent des milliards de dollars dans ce domaine, et les campagnes d'influence génèrent 11 fois plus de retour sur investissement que les canaux traditionnels de marketing digital.
Paris, France (PRWEB) November 21, 2017 -- Mention, Bitly, Later, Buzzstream, and The Shelf have come together to create a one-of-a-kind influencer marketing portal. Launched November 16, the Influencer Marketing Stack features expert advice from trusted companies, plus renowned marketing consultant Shane Barker.
The Next Web
The popularity of influencer marketing shows no signs of slowing down. Interest in the term influencer marketing increased 90x from 2013 to 2016 and it doubled in first nine months of 2017. Reasons for ever-growing popularity of influencer campaigns are numerous ranging from their versatility (this type of marketing works for every business) to noninvasive n… See more
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The 25 Days of Ideas

Free resources for coming up with startup ideas

Evan Kimbrell- Founder, Sprintkick
Thanks @jwmares and hello PH, Everyone here celebrates good ideas that turn into great products. But I bet that a lot of people feel left out when they don’t have an idea that they’re really passionate about pursuing. So why not, I put together a collection of free videos and resources to help anyone come up with a startup idea. Because what else was I supp… See more
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Justin Jackson- Internet stuntman ⚡️
Hey Product Hunt! 👋 Back in 2013, @rrhoover wrote about email-first startups. Last year, I launched a little service that would email you a marketing tip every day. People loved it. I got tons of replies from people saying: "I'd pay for this!" Today, I'm happy to launch the next iteration! The system now has a dashboard, where you track your progress. Ev… See more
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Directory of free resources/tools for non-tech entrepreneurs

A curated directory of the best free resources & tools for non-technical entrepreneurs.

Sam Dickie- Product Manager| NoCode| BetaTesta
A shameless personal recommendation, but it does have literally hundreds of free tools and resources. All of which have been tested by yours truly! Any questions give me a shout Joao! 👌🏻
Sam Dickie- Product Manager| NoCode| BetaTesta
Over 200+ personally tested free tools and resources for your startup! the ultimate free toolkit
Sam Dickie- Product Manager| NoCode| BetaTesta
Hi Product Hunters! NoCode is a curated directory of the best free resources and tools that can help you create your startup. NoCode specifically only features resources and tools that anyone can use no matter what your background or prior experience. NoCode scours the internet and selects the best free resources and tools so you can focus on creating … See more
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iOS Stack

A curated collection of iOS resources for app builders

Chris Beshore- Indie iOS Focus Weekly &
Thanks to everyone for checking us out. I'll be around all day for questions and feedback. I hope you like the site! If you have a link or resource you think is a good fit, please let us know by clicking the 'suggest a resource' link on the site.
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Stash of List is a curated list of useful tools

Salman Khan- Maker of Things
Stash of List is a curated directory of all stash & lists (inspired by Startup Stash, Marketing stack, etc..). I saw many types of curated directories popping out in almost every day and I like them all but it's not easy to remember all these names so initially, I started stashoflist for using myself, and then I thought it will be cool if I share this w… See more
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Curated resources to build an online business with no code

Instamake is a curated collection of resources that helps you quickly create your online business/idea without code or get inspiration for a new project. Each category represents a different kind of online business/startup and each tool helps you build it quickly.

Rohan Mahtani- Made Resume Worded & Instamake
Hello Product Hunt! Firstly, a massive thank you to @bramk for the hunt and for the inspiration with Startup Stash. Instamake is a curated collection of resources that helps you quickly create your online business/idea without code or get inspiration for a new project. Each category represents a different kind of online business/startup and each tool helps… See more
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WP theme to create your own curated resources website

Chipmunk WordPress Theme is tailored to meet the increased demand for curated content. Carefully crafted with the user in mind, to aid in great content discovery.

Greatly inspired by awesome sites like and

Piotr Kulpiński- Full Stack Developer, maker of Chipmunk
WordPress Theme that helped to create those collection sites.
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Internet Curated

A collection of 100+ hand-picked curated resources & tools

Internet Curated is a collection of 150+ hand-picked curated resources & tools. Created by @piotrkulpinski and @janwennesland.

Piotr Kulpiński- Full Stack Developer, maker of Chipmunk
Thank you for the amazing feedback we've received so far on Chipmunk Theme ( We're very humbled by the positive comments and all of your help. Now, we want to give back to the community. That's why we're launching a site, that features all of the functionalities of the theme and shows how you can customize it for your own use. Hop… See more
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Sales & Marketing Stack Wiki

Curated articles about modern sales & marketing technology

The Sales and Marketing Stack is a collection of the best articles and resources on the topics of modern sales and marketing. Covering 60 topics including inbound sales, pipeline management, marketing automation, customer relationship management, and personalization, this wiki is designed for anyone interested in modern sales and marketing.

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Curated Resources, Tool Finder and Free Stack for Mobile App

Pritesh Vora- Co-Founder,,
Thanks @kwdinc for hunting us. Hello Hunters, Pritesh this side. GD Singh and I created, a hand curated list of 300+ best mobile app tools and resources to grow you app users to millions and more. These resources have been handpicked and features the top 10 - 15 resources from each category, whenever you need :) Its inspiration came from ma… See more
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App Samurai

Self-service app marketing tool for startups

Şeyhmus Ölker- Head of Product @AppSamurai
Hey everyone, I'm co-founder and Head of Product at App Samurai. Today we are very excited to announce App Samurai, self-service app marketing tool for startups. App Samurai aims to make mobile marketing as easy as possible for startups. Mobile ad planning, execution, and analysis are complicated for startups because they don't reach all available app mark… See more
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