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The AI composing emotional soundtrack music

Aiva is an Artificial Intelligence who composes music for movies, games, tv shows and commercials.

7 Alternatives to AIVA

🎧 Music + AI for focus and sleep - backed by science uses AI to generate music to help you focus, relax, meditate and sleep, backed by scientific research. We use our bleeding edge audio entrainment (that we patented) which you can feel in just minutes of use.

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It may not be for everyone, but some people swear by listening to music while they work, whether it helps them focus or even if it just makes the work a little more enjoyable. At the same time, some elements of songs - lyrics, for example - can also prove to be distracting.
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I'm listening to "forest focus" as I type this, a continuous loop of music created by the algorithms at that will help to get my brain in gear for either work, reading or creativity. There's a base level of white noise shushing in and out, the odd bird tweet and a quiet, slightly ominous sounding electronic drone.
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Play your instrument and AI will write the sheet music

Play your instrument and have Frettable's advanced AI immediately write the sheet music for you to save and print

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We have seen innovation play a key role in many creative industries. Music is certainly one of these. The startup GreenNote created a device which allows users to listen to the sounds made by plants. Moreover, the invention Soundbops gives children an intuitive way to learn music through experimentation.
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