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Airbnb for Events alternatives and competitors

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Airbnb for Events is the best way to provide people attending your event a broad range of accommodation options - from work-friendly to fun and funky.

Just provide a few details and you'll be able to create a custom event page and an embeddable widget for your site.

With more than 4 million listings in over 65,000 cities, Airbnb has you covered.

Top alternatives for Airbnb for Events

Automate SOC 2, ISO 27001, and HIPAA compliance in weeks
  • Nomad List 3.0

    Nomad List is the biggest crowdsourced database of cities in the world analyzing 250,000+ data points to help you choose where to go next.

    It also connects 10,000+ remote workers on a paid online social platform, as well as organizing meetups worldwide to connect digital nomads.

    🌍 Find your ❤️ place

    Pieter inspired me to become a full time digital nomad. 🙌

  • Airbnb Experiences

    5 reviews

    Airbnb Experiences offers unique experiences – from cooking to scenic tours – with locals.

    Went on one which was a photography session in Toronto with a professional photographer (with only 2 other "students". The host was very fri…

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  • Airbnb Concerts

    1 review

    Airbnb Concerts is a selection of unique live performances, an expansion of the Airbnb Experiences platform.

    This is a bold move of the company to the upcoming IPO in 2019. Well done !!!

  • Airbnb Plus

    Airbnb Plus offers a new selection of only the highest quality homes with hosts known for great reviews and attention to detail.

  • PlansMatter

    1 review

    PlansMatter is a curated gallery of luxury hotel and vacation rentals for the architecturally-minded. Sort by architect, check availability and experience a Frank Lloyd Wright design for yourself.

    I think it's great because I love beautiful architecture

  • Jukely 2.0

    Go to hundreds of concerts for one monthly fee 💃
  • Selina

    Selina is an emerging hospitality and travel network that combines beautiful accommodation, co-working, surfing, wellness, and adventure all in one great community. Find Selina in destinations all over Central and South America with new locations opening soon in the US and Europe – with a tech headquarters growing in Tel Aviv.

  • Digital Bird

    1 review

    Digital Bird born with the goal of helping digital nomads and remote workers to find the best place to stay and work during their journey in Portugal. For a fixed price, we take care of your accommodation and workplace. And we will also share with you tips & tricks of each city curated by locals and help you to be more active in the local community

    Wow, I even went on your YouTube page and left there a comment to your video about Porto. You have to place it first, for real, it sells! An…

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  • EventsFrame

    Easy to use ticketing for both event organisers and attendees. No ticket fees, just one low monthly payment.

    It really works quite well, does what you'd want it to do. No fees is great — it works well for both free and paid events.

    It's missing some …

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  • Flyer by Paperless Post

    A new, easy way to design and send an online invitation -- for free. Choose a template, mix and match GIFs and text animations, and share via text or email -- anywhere you can paste a link.

    "A brilliant alternative to Facebook Events." -Fast Company

  • Backstage

    1 review

    Backstage is a platform that offers a suite of tools for event producers and venues to market and manage their events from end-to-end.

    The easy to use platform features powerful and innovative tools that are ideal for all sizes and types of events ranging from live music, nightlife, festival, comedy, food and beverage, non-profit and much more.

    Backstage is great for those who are looking for advanced technology that helps them and their teams collaborate and be more effective through the entire lifecycle of their event and get great service from the team behind the product.

    Easily create events, manage attendees, collaborate with your team, promote, and sell more tickets! Backstage has all the tools to create and promote a successful event. Highlights: Ticket Sales, Event Page Design, Event Promotion, Sales Integrations, Entry Management, Stats, Analytics, Insights & More.

    We've had a lot of great success using Backstage and the Nightout system for our large scale ticketing events. The team there has gone abov…

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  • Finder

    Finder helps you quickly find the best price for concert tickets. Search and compare ticket prices across various ticket vendors instantly, anytime, for any artist or concert.

  • Eventbrite 8.0

    Discover popular local events, get event recommendations just for you, and see which events your friends are going to! Get tickets and quickly access all of your Eventbrite tickets and event information from your iPhone.
  • WYA: Where You At

    1 review
    WYA makes it easy to discover and share the things you want to do with your friends.
    1. Create an event.
    2. Share the event sticker to your story or share privately with your friends through Snapchat.
    3. Friends swipe up and accept their invite.
  • EventGeek

    Project management and analytics for events.
  • TickPick 4.0

    Currently featured in the iOS app store's New Apps We Love, TickPick 4.0 has arrived! Complete rebuild using React Native (<3). Highlights:

    - A revamped homepage experience

    - Brand new way to track events

    - Updates to our deal score factoring in personal preference

    - A focus on your day of event experience

    And much more!


    Hi, I'm SZNPASS! 😻
    An unlimited last-minute ticket subscription to live events (i.e., sporting events, concerts, shows). For $59/month, our subscribers can explore everything their city has to offer!
  • Austillery

    Austillery is unique and interesting events in one place. We make it simple to browse, categorize and filter what's happening. Create your own unique event page with sharable links to all your social platforms!

  • Have Fun Do Good

    Have Fun Do Good offers unique group experiences that incorporate volunteering. From multi-day trips to local events.

    Our goal is to force folks to step out of their comfort zones and give back in the process.

  • Ploxel

    Ploxel is an events management platform that allows anyone to sell tickets online with ease. We provide a bucket load of features to manage and control your event presales and after! If you have any questions let us know at contact@ploxel.com