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Validation help: https://gliddi.com/ helps you move from multiple tools: gotomeeting/zoom + skype/hangouts + sharepoint/confluence - and aims to bring this into a single product. Yes, we have teams and channels - we also have topics which can be live "brown-bags". Junior/Senior account managers broadcasting their customer call internally so others can watch and learn, give feedback - creating a quick onboarding video for engineers, toolsets, all the micro services, etc.

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@zxed I like the idea - we currently use Zoom for our daily standup and then Slack for everything else. How do you plan on tackling the transcription part? Is that something the team has to do or will that be some other service? I know there are definitely times where the team goes "oh shoot what did we decide on during the call" and just being able to search through notes would be killer
@kevinguebert We enable transcribing by default for both video and calls. Also looking at adding “speaker time” as far as insights go, for sales this helps, (am I speaking too much) but also for stand ups, it helps review later (is the team engaged). Also, these live sessions are set to record by default so you have a library against the that topic :) —— also, it’ll allow a bi-directional slack sync for channels (you decide which channels to map together). For the feature that allows internal people to get into the call, where its with a customer, we are proposing that the host lets the customer know that their team will be learning from the session and/or as a recording - there are no beeps, or internal names that show up there are visible to a customer.... video calls have a channel attached as well.
@zxed For me, the call to action is too general. And I don't really understand the description under the headline (maybe I'm not the target user?)
@marcojelli possible - do/have you worked with/in remote teams (long term team work?) - most people struggle with having to use a few tools, and in some cases, non. I.e onboarding can be a hit or miss, usually a miss for remote people; or having to use Webex for conference calls, or teamviewer for screen share..... if your day to day revolves around this and communication with teams and customers; then this would make sense.
@zxed only small teams (less than 6 people coordinating at any given time). We just used appear.in for video calls and quip and trello to keep everything collaboratively synced. You product looks useful - and when I view more closely I can see how it works. I think I was thrown off by the messaging. In my head I guess I want to associate it as a better version of an existing tool I use like "better screen sharing" or something like that. Otherwise it's harder for me to mentally fit into my workflow
@marcojelli good point. To be honest, we have not revisited our prop value once we got the lander up. We thought about “twitch for enterprise”, but that also wasn’t clear. We haven’t started looking at integrations yet,but let me ask, how often do you get new members added to the teams? How do you bring them up to speed and onboard them?
@zxed Right now - not often.
@marcojelli also - for appear.in do you use the free or paid version?