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Deep thought for the day: How do you measure your life. - is this a goal that one should answer?

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@zxed Well, it depends on the stuff I do every day. Mostly materialistic things like how much I make, how much I save, appreciations received, likes acquired etc. All these things sometimes make me feel good about myself but most of the time it kinda makes me feel guilty for some reason. I know this is a bad way to measure your self-worth and my life overall but I'm still figuring out what works for me and what doesn't that will help me weed out certain things.
@harowitzblack I started using "how much of a positive impact can I have on others" 10 years ago... And it's easy to forget that measure and mission because materialistic things are simpler to attain; it's easier to put oneself before others. 🙁
@zxed Yes, I agree with you. I'll try the method you mentioned. Thanks for it man!
@zxed For me - it should be fun. And when i'm doing my work (it can be tough, for sure) i'm happy. I stop thinking about my materialistic goals when i fail my previous company. I have a lot of free time with thoughts in my head. And I decide that I should do what I want to do, not what I forced. trying to live with this motto.