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Make side-hustle my full-time hustle.

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@zxed Awesome goal! How do you hope to make your side-project a full-time project?
@jamesg_oca having been a part of 2 start-ups as a co-founder (also on the side) taught me a lot on getting to product-market-fit. Spent the past few months focusing on understanding the problem and if tech can solve it. It's more of a timing thing as I'd like to optimize burn, so raising seed will happen only once I get to customer 3. With seed, I need to accelerate build out and sales significantly - and that's when it will be "full time" per-say... I'm pretty sure I already spend enough "hours" on this for it to be full-time.
@jamesg_oca @zxed Sounds interesting, I hope it is going well. What project is this for? I hope you will be able to turn it into your full-time job! Are you positive the seed is necessary for you to make the switch?
@jamesg_oca @guillaumebardet it’s for JumpOnCo.com extracted insights from a survey I ran on ramp-up for sales teams - https://twitter.com/zxed/status/... I think a raise really depends on how you want to execute. For this I’m mostly focused on user traction; my goal is to make a product users cannot live without - I can do this without seed. At some point the cost of acquisition (free users consume resources) on delivering that experience will need to balance out by paid enterprise users. When that time comes, I’ll need the seed to help scale the team to bring in revenue.