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Find a pre-launch platform before launching on Product Hunt!

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@zacharycsy Why don’t you get Ship free tier?
@satwaya: Yep, I have Ship Free ( Sadly, it doesn't allow promotions, listing, etc. Having an unlisted Ship page hardly increases traction, unfortunately. But thanks!
@satwaya @zacharycsy You can promote it here on Makers by sharing related goals, on social media by sharing your upcoming page. You can also take a look at /r/Sideproject and since your audience is mainly students, I guess posting on Schools FB pages could help you find subscribers Note that it was only removed from the front page because it is pre-launch.
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@satwaya @syswarren: Yep, got that. Thanks a lot, Julie! I do acknowledge that it was pre-launch and that Product Hunt doesn't necessarily allow pre-launch apps! Thanks for the suggestions, as well and appreciate the help! Although, I have been doing many of your suggestions, I'm crowdsourcing for related "pre-launch" platforms that can help build a community for my product! Cheers and many thanks!
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